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2018/19 Season Fixtures

29 April 2018Barnwell lake08:009am to 3pmSweepstake
20 May 2018Milton Todds08:009am to 3pmSweepstake
10 June 2018Block Fen08:009am to 3pmPoints
24 June 2018Upware08:009am to 3pmPoints
08 July 2018Cam – Baits Bite08:009am to 3pmPoints
22 July 2018Old West8:009am to 3pmPoints
05 August 2018Upware08:009pm to 3pmPoints
19 August 2018Block Fen - Mepal12 noon1pm to 7pmPoints
26 August 2018Cam – Chesterton to Baitsbite09:0010am to 3pm
02 September 2018Cam – Long Reach08:009am to 3pmPoints
16 September 2018Upware08:009am to 3pmPoints
30 September 2018Lark08:009am to 3pmPoints
14 October 2018Upware08:009am to 3pmPoints
28 October 2018Lark08:009am to 3pmPoints
11 November 2018Cam B - TBA08:009am to 3pmSweepstake
25 November 2018Upware08:009am to 3pmSweepstake
09 December 2018Cam - Clayhithe08:009am to 3pmPoints
23 December 2018Upware09:0010am to 3pmChristmas
06 January 2019Lark8:009am to 3pmPoints
20 January 2019Cam - TBA8:009am to 3pmSweepstake
24 February 2019TBA8:009am to 3pmSweepstake
10 March 2019Upware8:009am to 3pmPoints