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There are 14 Championship matches scheduled for the 2015 - 2016 season with points being awarded to the top 12 anglers in each match, plus a bonus point for those who compete but don't score. Anglers may drop their two lowest points scored matches to arrive at their best 12 match aggregate score. The angler with the best aggregate total will be overall champion. There will be both a summer and a winter champion. There is a fee of £4.00 per peg with a £5.00 optional pools with 100% payout of all pools collected. The first three places will be paid out. To enter, please telephone Trevor Sturge on 01223 509734 before 7pm on the day before the match is to be fished. Entry to matches at Mepal and Barnwell Lake are limited and issued on a first come first served basis.
Fishing feature swims in the early morning can result in bigger catches of better fish, including some specimens. Starting at 4:30am and running until 11:00 Early Bird matches proved popular in the 2012-2013 and marked the return of The Dawn Raiders. Early Bird matches will also feature in the 2014 - 2015 season.
These are essentially three separate matches running concurrently, the junior matches being an extension of the club's coaching activities. CFPAS coaches are available to help each junior entrant during the match. Entry forms and the Parents/Carers Code of Conduct can be obtained from Farringtons or Coopers in Cambridge or downloaded from the links below. Please return your completed forms to Farringtons or Coopers. For further information please call John Pope - Junior Event Co-ordinator - on 01223 515458. Anyone who is interested in helping on match days please contact John on the above telephone number.


Click to download Code of Conduct for Parents and Carers Click to download Junior Entry Form Click to download OAP and Ladies Entry Form
This season's sweepstake matches are listed below; the match on the 22nd of December will be our Christmas match, and as always we ask for a donated prize or two. Entry and pools is £7.00. To fish any of the above matches please book your place with Trevor Sturge, telephone 01223509734. Our Christmas sweepstake is your chance to donate that unwanted gift or indeed be generous and give a magnificent prize that will give you that warm feeling!
Match bookings are welcome on our fisheries. Please email our Club President Graham Tweed to agree dates and reserve the water, or telephone Cambridge (01223) 234616 before 8pm.
There is a code of conduct for anglers and rowers using the River Cam. This code is endorsed by the Cambridge University Combined Boat Clubs (CUCBC), the Cambridgeshire Rowing Association (CRA) and the Cambridge Fish Preservation and Angling Society Ltd (CFPAS). It is essential that every Association, Club and Society Member should abide by the spirit of this Code, which is intended to promote the greater safe enjoyment of the river amenity so as not to unduly disrupt or disturb others appreciating the facility. Click here to view this code

2015/16 Championship Leaderboard

2017 Championship Leader Board
Match No and Points
Jason O'Dell0131312991312124871313138
Kevin Saunders9101210110111388711912131
Ken Whitmore2811813121006101012111114
Trevor Sturge71231343893849119103
Rob Turner13159101325965111999
Simon Deal432680010131298121097
Ian Claydon1410708777112135183
John Read1229301163111008167
Mike Lynch3601116011033107162
Mark Freeman10915651812000048
Brian Rumbles00610012250600032
Glen Freeman11004503611000031
Bill Scott05101101421010026
Norman Knightly000000000131300026
Gwyn Andrews00000000091106026
Adam Biggadike8000079000000024
Jamie Bruce51140000000000020
Harry Haslop00801200000000020
Rob Humphries0072701010000018
Trevor O'Dell0011204000060014
Becky Pope1711020000000012
Marcus Normanton0000305040000012
Steve Palmer00100000100000011
Dave Keedy00000000011000011
Nick Nobel610000000000007
Jason Daff000000000520007
John Pope000004000000004
Andrew Lindsay000100000000001
Rory Williams001000000000001
Craig Nicholas000000000001001
Ashly Padgett000000000000000
Ben Mansfield000000000000000
Chris Whitehall000000000000000
Colin Jakes000000000000000
Darren Mansfield000000000000000
Gavin Sadler000000000000000
Liam Fletcher000000000000000
Stephen Borrett000000000000000
Ian Asplin000000000000000
Jody Rose000000000000000
Tarnya Lockwood000000000000000