Times remembered

I came upon this site by chance, but it was great to read about Greg, who used to scare the life out of me when he worked in Percy's shop! I knew nothing about fishing back in the early '70s (and still don't!), but my husband [...]

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The river Ouse at Barway

The River Ouse, Barway CFPAS controlled the fishing rights at Barway for many years. The following is an account of one of many fishing trips to the venue made by Ian Asplen who has been a member of CFPAS for many years. Sadly we had to [...]

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Fishing the Cam at Christmas time

Going fishing with my dear friend Percy over the festive holiday was always an experience. You never knew what to expect when you entered his house on Newmarket Road in the centre of Cambridge. Anyone who knows this area of Cambridge will know it is a [...]

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Dawn Raiders - The Seal

Will Temple and I recently had two days off work to go fishing. With such busy work schedules and pressure from family duties it was a rare chance to take advantage of the fine Autumn weather. Our fishing trips are always some what escapades and fall [...]

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A “Brief” Encounter on the Lark

I decided to visit a number of our waters last Sunday. The Cam, Burwell, Lark and the country park. A lovely day in the country side. There were only around six anglers on our waters. All seemed to be having a good time and had caught [...]

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Dawn Raiders - What a Smell

My friend Ian Darler always likes a challenge, so when I telephoned him to say we had to do a fish rescue he was up for it. Ian likes a moan and always goes on about how busy he is and not to upset his partner; [...]

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Dawn Raiders - Jimmy came home

In my youth I grew up appreciating all things to do with nature, and so I was an avid watcher of wildlife programmes. There are many such programmes to be viewed on television but when there were only three TV channels, wildlife programmes were a rarity, [...]

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Dawn Raiders - The Hundred Foot River: A Bit of an Affair

The 100 Foot at Sutton The Hundred Foot River was cut into the Fens many years ago to take floodwater from the Middle Ouse area and to drain the Fen; it was a huge feet of engineering. A Dutch bloke thought it up and was [...]

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Dawn Raiders - Lacy

I didn't have the pleasure of going fishing with Lacy, which is quite strange because we were so regularly in touch. Our times spent together would be on administrative things or looking at projects, such as walking around new or potential fisheries. The only time spent [...]

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Dawn Raiders - They Seek Him Here, There Everywhere

This story is not so much about an angling exploit, but a true tale from the banks of the Cam. My friend Percy would talk to anybody. He would stick up his hand to people in the street and shout out in his gravely voice "Hello [...]

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