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2016 Championship: Round 6

2016 Championship: Round 6 To say that for me this match didn’t quite go to plan would be an understatement. I arrived early to find myself unable to open the padlock, a frustrating 5 minutes only ended when Trevor, smiling his head off, showed me how. Be [...]

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2016 Championship: Round 5

2016 Championship: Round 5 Before the whistle, under near perfect conditions, Steve Palmer was practicing for night fishing by plumbing the depth with his eyes closed, hypnotised trying to feel when he’d hit bottom as his head nodded in synch with his pole(!) This proved a big [...]

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2016 Championship: Round 4

2016 Championship: Round 4 It’s not unusual to report incidents about raking your swim and after this match there is clearly still much to be learned.  Hearing of others loosing rakes because they had forgotten to hold on to the rope when ‘casting’, poor John Reed tied [...]

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2016 Championship: Round 3

2016 Championship: Round 3 Kevin Saunders certainly made the most of his end peg swim near the A14 bridge this week; his 39 lb net being almost as much as the other 18 anglers could manage in total!  His best three bream weighed 12 lb 12 oz, [...]

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2016 Championship: Round 2

2016 Championship: Round 2 Conditions were near perfect for this week's match and expectations were high as practice sessions during the week had yielded tench to nearly 4 lb, bream to 3 lb and plenty of good rudd. After much heavy raking and weed clearance there was [...]

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2016 Championship: Round 1

2016 Championship: Round 1 There was some nervousness during the pre match chatter, not because it was our first get together for some months but because there was a new lady among us! Ladies are of course always welcome but Tarnya seemed quite a threat, rumour [...]

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2016 Junior Match

2016 Junior Match Wow!!! What a fantastic match we had today! With everybody catching, lots of smiles and everybody leaving with a full belly!!! We would like to wish a massive thank you to Darren and Ben Mansfield for a lovely BBQ! Our sponsor West Renault [...]

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