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Heritage Lake; Tidy up and update on works

Unfortunately during the closed/lockdown period, there were incidents of anti-social behaviour and vandalism to the lake and the surrounding area. (Which we have reported to the EA and police, along with the supporting evidence). Unfortunately again we’re left to pick up the pieces; So we’re asking [...]

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CFPAS waters reopening update

Milton Country Park will be open for CFPAS members along with our other lakes this Friday the 15th of May. There will be NO day tickets available but the park when they can will offer books via card payment only. So to confirm for current CFPAS [...]

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Update on fisheries

Milton Country Park; We’re still liaising with the parks staff in regards to angling commencing on Friday and will update on our website and on fb as soon as we can confirm fishing is back permitted. For now please, the park is still CLOSED. But we [...]

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Guidance for CFPAS members

Dear Anglers, Please see below our current guidance for all members fishing on our waters: Anglers must have a current E.A. Rod licence Anglers fishing CFPAS waters must have a current Season Permit available via our website postal application or one of our bailiffs Anglers are [...]

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CFPAS waters re-opening Friday 15th May

The Angling Trust has given a warm welcome to the announcement (May 10th) by Prime Minster Boris Johnson that recreational fishing looks set to resume in England on Wednesday, May 13th. The Prime Minister announced the resumption of ‘unlimited outdoor sports’ from Wednesday providing they are [...]

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Annoucement: AGM Postponed

Dear Anglers, Unfortunately, due to current guidance, our AGM is being postponed. We are giving plenty of notice in order to avoid any confusion and hope to hold it later in the year. Members can request a copy of the accounts, writing to the secretary c/o [...]

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Coronavirus Update: A big Thank You to anglers for following Stay Safe, Stay Home advice

The Angling Trust, alongside a number of other Sport England governing bodies, has been in contact with the Sports Minister at the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport. The Minister thanked the sports sector for its united and professional response to minimising risk, saving lives [...]

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Coronavirus update – Our support hub and helpline are now available

The Angling Trust has now created a dedicated support helpline for angling organisations. You can access details of the helpline, along with information about financial support that could be available to angling organisations and businesses promised by the Government as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic [...]

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Covid-19 Advice for Anglers

Dear Anglers, A very good morning to you, as you know we are, as a Nation, experiencing one of the most uneasy periods in most peoples memory. We at the Angling Trust are monitoring the situation and offering support and guidance where ever possible. The Angling [...]

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Anglian Water loses appeal against judge’s decision to award compensation for River Cam anglers

Anglian Water has lost its appeal against the decision of a Cambridge Judge to award compensation compensation to the Cambridge Fish Preservation and Angling Society (CFPAS), a member club of Fish Legal. At a one day trial in Huntingdon on 17 October, Deputy District Judge Evans [...]

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