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Catch Report: 27 August 2014

River Reports The Lark Ian Asplen sent us these catch report from The Lark: Back on the Lark for sometime, it's nice to be able to get up and down the banks again. The river look in good form a nice colour and flow [...]

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Catch Report: 17 August 2014

Still Water Reports Milton Country Park John Pope sent us this catch report from Milton Country Park: Duncan Prime was a happy man at the weekend catching a personal best 24lb 4oz Common Carp from Todd's Pit - caught from the same swim that [...]

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Catch Report: 10 August 2014

River Reports Cam Quite weedy but lots of fish feeding. Bream at the A14 road bridge. Feeder or long pole seems best. Burwell Weed cutting in progress.Lots of roach and Rudd at upware on bread flake. Lark Duck weed in the margins [...]

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Catch Report: 27 July 2014

River Reports Burwell Lode The Burwell Lode has had a weed cut but with the warm weather it is still best to rake. Reports of some very big Rudd have been seen in the middle section of the river. Hi Graham. James [...]

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Catch Report: 20 July 2014

River Reports At last our rivers are picking up some form. Cam Cambridge Plenty of perch to 1lb and lots of skimmers in the 8oz range coming out to light fished rigs with pinkie bait. Early morning double figure bream catches to feeder tactics [...]

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Catch Report: 6 July 2014

River Reports Cam Cambridge Weed has been cut but swims above baits bite lock could do with a weed rake to clear the bottom of the swim. The bank side vegetation has been cut up to Horningsea church. Big perch up to 2lbs have [...]

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Catch Report: 22 June 2014

The river season is now full swing with the first weekend following the 16Th. Burwell Lode Very weedy and so a weed rake and cutter is a must. Some very large carp have been spotted around the cock up bridge.Heavy gear and stalking tactics are [...]

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Catch Report: 15 June 2014

Milton Country Park There has been a couple of very nice fish caught over on Dickerson’s Pit, a lovely 31lb & a 34lb 8oz Common Carp fished just short of the island. A Mirror Carp of 30 lb has also come out of Todd’s Pit [...]

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Catch Report: 8 June 2014

Andersons Lake The lake is now open. Repairs to the bridge have been implemented including new security measures. Block Fen Plenty of Carp arond the 12 to 15b mark in multiple catches from the A pit. The B pit has produced several fish over [...]

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Catch Report: 25 May 2014

Block Fen, Mepal Some very good catches of Carp with fish to 15lbs in multi catches. Paul Sutton fishing a couple of nights catching 100lbs of fish with lob worm out scoring bollies. Perch to 1-8-0 Roach Rudd to 14oz with sweetcorn catching the better [...]

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