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2018 Championship: Round 13

Match 13, The Lark, Prickwillow 6th January 2019 With no one really wanting to fish upstream of the moorings Trevor managed to fit all 10 of us into the usual swims down to the bridge. This did mean we were close, in my case within a [...]

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2018 Championship: Round 12

Match 12, The Cam, Clayhithe, 9th December 2018 Those who could make it were blessed with a bright, sunny day, albeit a bit breezy although this did not affect presentation too much because it was generally an upstream wind. Eight people fished and to minimise swim [...]

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A pit to be closed to Angling

Dear Anglers, I am writing to inform you that the A pit will be closed to Angling this week until Saturday.

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2018 Championship: Round 11

Points Match 11, The Lark, Prickwillow 28th October 2018 This was very much a divided match, those lucky enough to draw one of the old familiar pegs below the boat moorings and those unfortunates in the ‘new’ swims above the moorings. It was therefore similar to [...]

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2018 Championship: Round 10

Points Match 10, Reach Lode, Upware 14th October 2018 For those lucky enough to be able to fish this proved one of the best days on Reach Lode for many years, in terms of catch weights, with an average of nearly 11½ lb per man. This [...]

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2018 Championship: Round 9

Points Match No. 9 Fished The Lark, Prickwillow on 30th September 2018 Trevor Sturge, along with Simon Deal, Jason O'Dell and Ken Whitmore had spent the best part of a day cutting out and raking 19 swims, including about 10 upstream of the boat moorings. This [...]

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2018 Championship: Round 8

Points Match 8, Reach Lode, Upware 16th September 2018 I think it fair to say that no one expected anything special from this match, still no rain, clear water, thick weed and above average temperatures didn’t bode well. To top it all there was a strong [...]

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2018 Championship: Round 7

Points Match 7, The Cam, below the railway bridge, Chesterton 2nd September 2018 Before the draw hopes were high for a good day’s fishing, despite there being almost no flow due to the persistent lack of rain. Indeed within seconds of blowing his whistle Trevor was [...]

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2018 Championship: Round 6

Points Match 6, Mepal, 19th August 2018 It was a surprise to everyone to find the water level down by a good three feet, despite the heavy rain of the past week. It was noted that a pump running at the far end may have been [...]

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2018 Championship: Round 5

Points Match 5, Reach Lode, Upware 5th August 2018 This time thanks went to Ken Whitmore for his heroic raking efforts during the preceding week, using his ‘saw blades on a pole’ device, to clear most of the streamer and blanket weed from all of the [...]

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