Code Of Conduct Between CFPAS Ltd. and Cambridge Sport Lakes Milton Country Park - Fishing at Milton Country Park - Information for Anglers. Concern For Others - Protect The Environment. Inland and coastal waters are part of our heritage. The huge interest in water recreation puts great demands on these resources. At all times Anglers should ensure that our fish, wildlife and environment are protected for the future of angling as a sport. Protect and respect the fish you are trying to catch, other wildlife and the environment as a whole.

Fishing At The Lakes

The following information is in addition to and compliments that contained in the Cambridge Fish Preservation and Angling Society Annual Membership. Children under 16 can only fish if accompanied by an adult. Anglers must produce their membership book or day ticket and their Environment Agency licence to Rangers and Bailiffs when requested. All Country Park byelaws must be adhered to. Parking of angler’s vehicles is permitted in the country park car park at a daily fee of £2:00. The park gates are locked in the evening at advertised times, reopening at 8.00 am in the morning. Angler’s vehicles must be out of the car park by the advertised gate locking time except for season night fishing permit holders. Fishing is from the 47 marked platforms only. All tackle and other equipment must be kept on the platform and not obstruct the paths. Platforms for disabled anglers are available (numbers 14 and 23). Disabled anglers have priority to use these platforms. Anglers should keep platforms, swims and the surrounding area tidy and litter free. All litter in the platform area is the responsibility of the fisherman. Litter should be taken home and recycled where possible. If any tackle is lost out of reach the Ranger’s must be informed. Excessive baiting and the placement of hooks and baits away from the platform in use is not permitted. To prevent injury to wildfowl the use of floating hook baits is not allowed . Surplus bait should be taken home and not left in or around platforms or in the water where it attracts rats. Anglers may not cut back vegetation, clear or dig out swims without prior permission of the Rangers. A maximum of two rods per angler is allowed, these must not be on separate platforms or left unattended. Each platform can accommodate two anglers. Barbless hooks must be used at all times - this includes trebles and lures. Remember that the fishing platforms in the park are gravel surfaced. Protect fish from damage with a commercially sold unhooking mat or a piece of carpet or foam. Fish in these lakes can grow to specimen size; adequate breaking strain line should be used and an appropriate landing net and unhooking mat. Anglers should use wire traces whilst fishing for pike and adequate unhooking facilities should be at hand. Novices are advised to seek expert advice before fishing for pike. Specimen fish should be kept in fine mesh sacks or tubes for the minimum length of time possible to limit damage and not kept in keep nets. Live baiting for pike is not allowed. All freshwater dead bait must have been frozen and treated. No fish are to be transferred from other waters and no fish removed from the park. To prevent the spread of disease nets and mats must be dry before use at Milton. No boating (including bait boats) or swimming is allowed. Night fishing is allowed on the purchase of a season ticket for a maximum of three nights in seven by anglers over 16 years of age. Torches should not be shone across the water to annoy other anglers. Open fires and BBQ’s are not allowed. Radios and televisions should not be audible away from the platform being used. Anglers should use the toilet facilities within the car park. Fisherman can bring dogs but they must be kept on a lead at all times. The Rangers can close swims without notice for the purpose of maintenance or repair. Anglers not abiding by rules or byelaws may be expelled or suspended from the Society. The decisions of the Ranger and Society are not negotiable. In specific circumstances, the Society or the Council may:
  • Ban the use of keep nets, carp sacks or pike tubes
  • Temporarily discontinue fishing in one or more lakes
Anglers found behaving in a manner that causes a nuisance to other park users, or could be considered unsafe by a ranger or bailiff will be told to stop fishing immediately and will be expected to do so. Vehicular access to the park by disabled fisherman can be arranged with park staff on production of a valid Blue Badge.

Safety Notice

  • REMEMBER - the water is very deep and cold
  • No swimming is permitted
  • Please keep to the footpaths
  • Supervise children closely at all times
  • Stay off (and do not break) the ice in winter
For further information please contact: Cambridge Sport Lakes Murdoch House Station Road Cambridge CB1 2RS Or contact Cambridge Fish Preservation and Angling Society Ltd 27a Villa Road Impington Cambridge CB24 9NZ Email: | Telephone: 01223 234616 Day tickets are dawn until dusk for date specified. Tickets are available from: CFPAS Membership Secretary 39 St. Johns Close, Needingworth, Cambridgeshire PE27 4TT Mr Jim Russell CFPAS Ltd Park Fishery Officer Baits Bite Lock, Milton, Cambridge Milton Post Office 2 Coles Road, Milton, Cambridge, CB24 6BW