Authorised Bailiffs

For reasons of security, bailiffs telephone numbers are not provided.

Baliff 1
Baliff 2
Baliff 3
Baliff 4
Chief Bailiff all CFPAS WatersDaren Mansfield
Burwell and Reach LodesDaren Mansfield Paul BurgessIan HardyPaul Sutton
The River Cam A and BDaren Mansfield Graham TweedDaren Mansfield
The Great Ouse, Little BarfordTBA
The River Lark, PrickwillowDaren Mansfield Will Temple
Hundred Foot and Borrow PitTBA
Block FenRoger DayDaren Mansfield
Andersons Lake, NethergroveGraham TweedPaul Dean
Heritage Lake, CottenhamTony DuffinGraham Tweed
Milton Country ParkJohn PopeBecky Pope
Barnwell LakeDaren Mansfield
For incidents of pollution or unauthorised fish removal please telephone the Environment Agency on 0800 807060.