Our section of the 100 Foot Drain runs from Earith to Wardy Hill: and it's tidal! So if you fancy something different in the middle of the Fens this man made river come drain, which is approximately fifteen miles long, is just the job. You may even get the odd Sea Trout or flat fish as a bonus. With approximately two thirds of the water accessible immediately from the road side you are just as likely to catch greedy Skimmer Bream and Roach. Maggot and casters are best. There is no need for fine tackle on this venue and if you enjoy stick float fishing then head for this fishery, but expect it to flow both ways!
Watch out for the seals that often come inland to feed on the shoals of fish present in this bit of water. Location: Our section runs from just above Earith Bridge to Oxlode near Manea.
The Cambridgeshire Lodes are a series of man-made waterways, believed to be Roman in origin. Burwell Lode runs from Burwell Village to the River Cam at Upware Junction, Reach Lode joins the River Cam at Upware and runs for three miles (4.8 km) to the village of Reach. Neither canals or traditional Fenland dykes these waterways cover a distance of seven or so miles to the North West of Cambridge. They start as two "Rivers" joining but effectively look like and fish like a canal; a fishery that never floods.
Both are approximately 15 metres wide and between 2 and 3 metres deep. The locals love fishing wheat for Roach and sweet corn for the abundant Bream and Tench. It is not uncommon to see the Specimen Hunter on the Lodes fishing for Pike and Zander in the winter. There are some real lunkers lurking in the rushes and we’ve received reports of 20lb plus Carp. CFPAS anglers have access to both banks up to Upware Lock. Fish caught during the Fisheries Monitoring Survey of the Cam Lodes
These images show some of the residents of Burwell and Reach Lodes that were netted during the Environment Agency Fisheries Monitoring Survey of the Cam Lodes. The Mirror Carp weighed 23lb 10oz and was netted in Reach Lode, the Rudd, Tench and Common Carp were netted in Burwell Lode. Warning: Do not fish within 30 metres of the power cables that cross the Lode. Location: Burwell and Reach Lodes are between the A1123 and B1102 in Cambridgeshire.

Byron's Pool

Byron's Pool was named after Lord Byron who used to swim at the weir pool. This pleasant woodland site offers a lovely circular walk next to the River Cam where Kingfishers and Grey Wagtails can be seen on the weir. The woodland is being managed through the removal of non-native species such as Sycamore and through the introduction of coppicing of native species such as Hazel.
The site also contains a number of small ponds, which are managed for the benefit of amphibians. CFPAS Ltd are pleased to announce that we have been given the pool to manage on behalf of Cambridge City Council and that you are able to fish the water with your existing membership. Please note Byron's Pool is a Local Nature Reserve. Location: From Trumpington take Grantchester Road towards Grantchester. Turn left just before river and cottages sign posted for Byron's Pool.

The Commons

We manage the section of the River Cam, including Midsummer Common and Stourbridge Common, from Jesus Green Lock to Chesterton Railway Bridge (city bank only) for Cambridge City Council Leisure Services. The dominant species are Roach, Bream to 5lbs, Chubb to 5lbs, Pike to 20lbs and Perch to 2lbs. Anglers residing within a 15 mile radius of Cambridge city centre may fish these waters upon purchase of a special CFPAS residents permit costing £1.00 for a season. Note juniors under the age of 16 may fish free. Having purchased this ticket qualifying residents do not need to be members of CFPAS, however, those qualifying residents wishing to fish other CFPAS waters must purchase a full price CFPAS club book or day ticket. All CFPAS rules, bylaws and regulations apply on the Midsummer and Stourbridge Commons, but fish caught on "the commons" do not qualify for the Societies specimen fish trophies.

Chesterton to Clayhithe

We control the section of the River Cam from Chesterton to Clayhithe, which is divided into 2 sections, sections 'A' and 'B'. The River Cam, 'A' Section
View at the start of Section A the Pike and Eel Public House at Chesterton. Mainly Roach in this shallow section but skimmers may show at the railway bridge.
View of the Plough Public House on the opposite bank at Fen Ditton, a noted area for specimen Chub, Perch and Carp.
Upstream of the A14 Road Bridge near to the sewerage treatment works outfall. This section can be hard but large Chub and Tench can be had.
The A14 Road Bridge is probably the deepest part of our section of the River Cam. Large Bream are likely to show here.
View of river above Baits Bite Lock. It's slow moving here, but this is a fancied section for big weights.
Ben Mansfield fishing above Baits Bite Lock in a Juniors match in June 2013.
The River Cam, 'B' section
Horningsea Church - a noted area for Skimmers and occasional Chub up to 4lb.
The "Pillbox" section. A long walk, but offering deep gravel runs for Roach and Bream.
The "Trees" or the "Jungle" is probably the most moody part of the Cam, but with large Perch, Eels, Chub and Bream it is well worth persevering with.
Expect to find Chub under the conker tree on the far bank. Skimmers and Roach will dominate this section of the River Cam.


The Granta is quite narrow, no more than a stream with lilies throughout the summer months all along this one mile stretch - it is extreme fishing. First you have to negotiate high vegetation on the banks in the summer and find a hole in the river weed. Having found a suitable hole and dropped in your bait look carefully and some big fish will swim by, nudge your bait then swim off. Chub to 6lbs, Roach to 2lbs and Perch to 3lbs are common. So too are Brown Trout. The best bait in the summer is bread flake on a big hook. Particle baits laid in a clearing will attract the fish, but they are shy. Cheese paste on a link ledger is best in the winter. Look out for a bit of rain to put colour in the river.


Two miles of fenland river, lily fringed in the summer and having easy road access along it’s entire length, this gently flowing fishery is a must. This venue offers Tench, Roach and Bream for the summer visitor, but comes into it’s own in the Winter when the matchmen enjoy some fabulous catches of small silver fish which bunch up into the village reaches at Prickwillow. The whip, long pole and waggler can all produce excellent nets of Roach, Skimmers plus specimen Tench, Bream and Perch.
Pinkies, maggots, bread and chopped worm can all catch fish in the right conditions. Try maggot or sweet corn in the Summer over a little ground bait, casters for the better fish in the Winter or pinkie all year round if you just fancy a busy day. Location: The River Lark at Prickwillow is near the A10 Littleport Cambridgeshire CB7 4UN.


From the bridge downstream and opposite the Old Pumping Station. Slow moving with lilies and rushes along its bank the river here is about 20 yards wide and about 4 to 5 feet deep. The meadow has a level bank to the river from the flood bank. Most species are present, including Roach, Bream, Tench, Perch, Bleak, Pike, Zander and Eels. The Tench, although not the dominant species can grow to a very good size up to 7 lb, although a good fish will be 4 lbs. The Zander and Pike average 4 to 5 lb with the occasional double. Reports suggest that this is a good all year round fishery.
In the summer bread punch or pinkie will get you the silver fish or chopped worm and caster for the Tench and Bream. In the winter months the Roach can go to a good size. The fish tending to migrate near to the bridge from the Fens. Location: Cambridgeshire CB6 3LF From Cambridge take the A10 to Ely. At Stretham Island take the third exit in to Stretham. Look for signs to Stretham Old Engine and Green End Road on your right. This road will take you to the river. Parking Is available opposite the farm gate in a small car park area or on the grass verge just before the meadow. PLEASE NOTE: The land on the opposite side of the bridge is Private Property and should NOT be used as a car Park this is an error in the club book. This is a local tourist attraction and there will be other users of the amenity, so please remember to park courteously. Please do not park across the site access. Important Notice: There is a sign on the gate " Beware Of The Bull", it is there as a deterrent. There is no bull in the field.

Still Waters

This fishery is a must for all families. With several disabled platforms and ample parking on site the fishery will be regularly patrolled by two local officers from our society. The lake has level bank all around its perimeter. You can find a depth of around 8 ft in the margin but it goes deeper to the middle. The fishery has good colour throughout the year and in the summer the margins have quite a few lilies growing adding colour and interest. Favourite methods are to fish the near shelf with a long pole fished over pellets with pellet / castor / worm for hook bait. Location: Access to the lake is from Newmarket Road. Barnwell Lake remains closed to angling 20/21 season due to ongoing building work
A peaceful venue set in the heart of the Cottenham Fen, Heritage Lake is a freehold acquisition purchased by CFPAS at the end of 1998. The site is approximately 5 acres and the lake itself, a former gravel workings, is around 3 acres. Its depth varies considerably from a few inches to 5 ft. Heritage lake has proved to be a good lake for natural breeding, with Roach, Rudd and Carp all successfully breeding. We supplemented the Carp population with a few Common Carp and added some Bream.
The Bream seemed to have done less well, but sometimes this species do not show for several years and then suddenly people start catching them. Our aim is to provide a variety of species here and, interestingly, we found some small Tench in the lake. None have been added so we believe they may do well here. Heritage Lake is an important venue for us. We have noticed that quite a few families enjoy the lake and so what we are aiming to develop the lake into a fishery where everyone can catch something, and with the occasional big fish not out of the question. Fish stocks are predominantly Rudd, Roach, Carp, Bream and Tench. Best match catch is 37 lb. Best Carp of the season is 22lb, sweetcorn tends to sort out the bigger Rudd Location: Heritage Lake - Cottenham - B1049 CB24 8PY. Car Parking is available on site, however, the access track is extremely rutted and great care should be taken in gaining vehicular access to the site. Anglers must only use the access track when visiting the lake and must not cut across adjacent farmers fields.
Andersons Lake is owned by CFPAS and was refurbished and restored in 1997/1998. A wonderful venue, the site is approximately 3 acres with the lake itself around 1 acre. The lake varies in depth from 3 to 5 ft, and with it's ledges and highly irregular shape Nethergrove is a haven of tranquility, an ideal place to get away from it all. Fish stocks are predominantly Carp (Ghost, Crucian and Koi) from tiddlers through to Common Carp of over 9lb. This venue also sees the occasional Roach and Rudd. Special Day Ticket Required - see below
I have been reliably informed that a Pike lurks here. The snapper is about 1ft long and enjoys feeding on the multitude of Roach and Rudd. Apparently on one occasion in the summer it was so eager to catch a Rudd on the surface that it leapt clear out of the water on to the bank, which quite startled the angler at the peg. The thing is that either someone has put it in to the venue or just like the Roach, Rudd and Perch it is natures way. It has been nicknamed Billy, yes Billy-No-Mates. We netted the venue twice last year to check on stocks, but it did not appear. I have not seen it myself, but I will keep an eye out. It could grow quite big as it is only competition for the Perch and the two big eels. Please Note: Special Day Ticket needed to fish on Andersons Lake. To preserve the nature of the lake and to maintain a high fishery standard, ONLY TEN ANGLERS PER DAY WILL BE ALLOWED ON THE WATER. Only club members are allowed to fish upon purchase of a Special Day Ticket in advance at a cost of £5.00 from The Post Office Store, High St, Longstanton. Juniors require a day ticket at £2 and must be accompanied by an adult at all times. A half day ticket is available for £2.50. The Post Office at Longstanton is on right hand side of the High Street when travelling towards Willingham. Post Office opening hours are: Monday 06:30 - 17:30 Tuesday 06:30 - 17:30 Wednesday 06:30 - 17:30 Thursday 06:30 - 13:00 Friday 06:30 - 17:30 Saturday 07:00 - 19:30 Sunday 07:00 - 12:30 Tickets are not available on the bank. Your club book will be required when purchasing the day ticket. The venue is padlocked and the the number for the padlock will be written onto the ticket. (NB this number will be changed regularly). Location: Nethergrove Lake, Longstanton, B1050, CB4 5BP. Secure car parking is available on site. Close all gates and take litter home. Please keep the bridleway clear do not block any access. Fishing Times: dawn until dusk. No Camping allowed.
At around 20 acres these former gravel pits offer quite a contrast to each other to form a great complex of fisheries. One pit is shallow and coloured whilst the other is clear and weedy.

Block Fen A

Block Fen A is highly stocked with Carp, Roach and Rudd as the dominant species, but Tench, Bream and Perch are also present. Rudd have been caught up to 1lb and Carp to 28lb, although most Carp caught are likely to be 4-5lb. Location: A142 - Mepal CB6 2AY

Block Fen B

Block Fen B is a clear pit with an abundance of natural food. It is home to large specimen Carp up to 34lb and Pike to over 20lbs. Tench, Perch and occasional Bream can be located. Pop up rigs are favoured for the Carp and Pike. Try ledgering a lobworm for the Perch. Block Fen B lake will have a restricted membership of 30 anglers only and is strictly on application to the Club Secretary. The cost per season for the B Lake is £300 per ticket. There is currently for the 2020/21 season, a waiting list. Mepal Block Fen B lake is now for members wishing to gain access to the lake. Season permit holder only & not day ticket. We have fitted gates to the track with a code lock. The code is in the club book on the block fen page. Location: A142 - Mepal CB6 2AY