My friend Ian Darler always likes a challenge, so when I telephoned him to say we had to do a fish rescue he was up for it. Ian likes a moan and always goes on about how busy he is and not to upset his partner; but leave it for a few days and he is there, ready to go. He falls for it every time! He never learns though - he should know that working with me can be a nightmare. You see I only feed him part of the information and he being a bit OCD, well he likes it all done right, nice, neat and to order. I drive him mad. But in life, you need a mixture, and being all the same has less excitement. So having tipped out the water that was left in it from the last transfer we lifted our tank into his van, loaded up the posh aerator equipment and were ready to go. “I’ll charge the battery,” said Ian; knowing I wouldn’t have done it and wouldn’t know how to. That evening he arrived after work and everything was set. I got into the passenger seat and fumbled with my sat nav “Do you know how to work these things?” I said. He looked at me in a strange way but didn’t answer, his brain not quite getting there. “Do you know where it is?” He asked. ”Well yes, I have the address and my daughter put it in the sat nav.” I replied. But the penny still did not drop. “You press this, then that. There you go” and up it came. We were progressing along the road when suddenly Ian said: “Your useless”, which I felt was a bit harsh; the penny had dropped “you mean you haven’t visited the site so we might be on another wild goose chase”. “Never been there mate”, I said. Ian then went on to say that Lisa told him that she doesn’t know why he bothers with me – that he should know I am useless. “Yes I agree” said Ian, “the trouble is, Lisa, Graham knows it and that’s why he helps me – care in the community you see”. Anyhow, this little dawn raid, well evening rain, went well. Ian had the job of transporting the fish to the tank from the pond in a special net sock, which got very wet. So did Ian. While I stayed nice and dry and fish smell free, odour de pond was the order of the day for Ian! Know your place Mr. Darler.