Percy has done many jobs in his lifetime and prefers for me not to tell everyone everything but we know him best for being a painter and decorator. Yes he was also a professional footballer and yes he was in the Kings Troupe and a top horseman but painting and decorating is his true trade now. According to his brother, Lacy, he had a certain way in securing jobs, “no not best estimating more a way of using his cheek”. One day Percy was asked to visit a lady whom was quite well off to make a quotation for a job. He arrived with a huge cigar puffing away and the lady was quite intoxicated by the smoke or was it Percy’s very unique aftershave. Percy walked into the hall and boldly said, “I’ve brought my colour cards” and pointed to his slippers. The lady, a little confused, looked at them. She looked at Percy and he said, “I’ve got every colour you can think of” and with that he plonked himself down on an expensive chair with his old tatty radio. “Yes any colour you like” he said again. Pointing to his multi coloured slippers and the spotty splashed radio, “oh I see Mr. Anderson you are such a joker,” said the lady. “No no no” cried Percy, “you see any colour you like”. “You know me Mr. Anderson,” said the lady. “Call me Percy,” said Percy. “Umm Percy I fancy Lavender” replied the lady. “No no no what you want is green, no Lavender, green is much better see I’ve got some here” said Percy pointing to a half opened tin of paint. “I can do it cheap” said Percy. “Err well Mr. Anderson, Percy, yes I suppose you are right! Cheek!