They were legendary. Yes I have to say that Percy on occasions could rustle up a half-decent meal. He would spend hours and hours preparing. This was not entirely necessary, it was just that he would get muddled and forget things or get distracted and he would literally have to trace back to the beginning to figure out his next step. Time after time he would put down the pinchers which he used to turn the knob on and off on his cooker and spend 15 minutes looking for them. To be fair though he would always get the best and freshest of produce (usually free), it’s just that with his curries he never did cook one the same because he could not remember the recipe. So sometimes they would be herby and bland and others would be very hot. His daughter Tracy was single at the time and so as well as Percy’s friends, there would be 6 or 7 of Tracy’s friends stoking up on a curry before going out clubbing, they would come across from the Five Bells already pissed, get changed with much giggling and swearing, then chomp on the curry. The pot was huge. Bombay potatoes, rice, popadoms and Nan-Bread – all homemade. The prawns in the curry were also huge and the chicken curry would have quarter breasts in it and sometimes feathers! There would be loads and loads of bread, beer, pickles – the lot. On one occasion there must have been 20 of us including my chum mad Mickey and still there was plenty of food. We all brought drink but there was always loads, especially near Christmas time when Tracy had been given some by the reps as she was a Floor Manager at Debenhams. Champagne I remember was also regularly opened as Tracy and her chums were intent on a good time. I remember once having consumed his curry and a whole bottle of Moet falling asleep sprawled out on his sofa in the side room. This caused much amusement as Tracy disappeared into the cold night air for the taxi. I actually came too when they all arrived back form the club around 2-2.30am. Ahhr well, this was some time ago and the curry nights are no more. I did however sample some of Percy’s Bombay potatoes at a Committee Match at Heritage Lake about 2 years ago. Percy had his little portable wok, stove and his big pot. Ok so he set fire to the dry grass, ok he spilled the potatoes on the ground and spent 10 minutes picking the grass off but our bailiff from Mepal Peter 5 bellies never knew!! and said they were lovely.