When Percy and I first saw Nethergrove Lake we both shared the same vision. It was truly a mess but we could see its potential and after much hard work and some considerable heartache Nethergrove Lake has matured in to a lovely and very special little venue. Of course we are protective of it and drop by on a regular basis to make sure everything is ok. On one such occasion, Percy was restless, it was a very balmy summer evening and so he and Jimmy dog hopped in to his van and off they shot to the lake. Remember Percy only went one speed at 40mph in town or along the A14. Jimmy dog’s little face hanging out of the window, his hair swept back with the force of the wind, perched across Percy’s shoulder. Percy arrived at the lake with dusk soon to be upon the venue. He unlocked the gate, drove across the bridge over the River Qi! (his christening, not mine! He quietly got out of his little van with Jimmy dog scurrying around sniffing and pissing up every tree. For those of you that do not know this fishery has a large island with a narrow channel around it. There is opposite the island a peninsular with a large tree and then the “new part of the lake dug up by CFPAS LTD takes you back to where you park. Percy looked across the lake to the peninsula and saw movement. He and Jimmy walked around the lake under the cherry trees he and I had planted. As he approached the peninsula he could see more clearly two people laying on the grass arms and legs entwined. They were oblivious to Percy who was very fast approaching. The couple was naked and were making quite a bit of noise. Percy approached and put his considerable boot on the lad’s naked arse. “You can’t do that here son!” He said in this authoritive voice. The somewhat startled lad said “Oh I’m sorry” and then said “thank you” at the same time as the young lady beneath him gave a sigh. The couple quickly gathered up their clothes and left – not in anger I might add. Leaving Jimmy dog scurrying around sniffing every blade of grass. OK, OK, but I just had to tell this story! Oh and the young lady had quite “perffed boobs” according to Percy “its pert, Percy pert!”