Percy had been fishing these matches for several seasons. The matches were run by Tim and Sid Cooper. A very light-hearted affair, but with some good quality anglers attending. I was invited to fish these matches by Percy as somebody had dropped out. I agreed and on the first match was given a guide of how to fish the venue by Percy, as I had not seen the lake before. I was given a real lesson on the day as Mr. Anderson gave me and everybody else a bloody good hiding as he bagged a number of good Chub and large Carp. I walked down to see Percy during the match to see what he was catching on, he had seen me coming, he cast his pole line as I arrived, you are doing well Percy. “Not bad son”, he sat not really looking at his float, a few minutes later lifting his line out of the water, “Your bait gone” I said. “No it hasn’t, I took it off before you got here”. “What are you catching on Percy?” “Can you keep a secret?” he said. “Yes course I can” “So can I” he said “Now feck off and let me get on". Now at the end of the match I said to Percy “I really struggled on the bait you told me to fish”. “That’s funny” he said, so did I when I tried last time we were here”. Everybody was told the story and could not stop themselves laughing. I fished two of the series over at Dents and had to carry Percy’s tackle, set his box up, get his kit out of the rod bag due to his health problems. On one day I had taken the tackle from the van to the bank, set up the gear for Percy and got on with fishing the match as normal when four hours later into the match another angler came and sat behind me, he said “You are mates with Percy, he does not seem very well, will you go and see him”. On seeing Percy he was struggling, I said, “What’s the matter mate”? Percy said, “The cold air is hurting my lungs and chest, I feel like I am going to pass out”. After getting him back to the van and warming him up I went to pack away his kit and bring it back, he had perked up by then. “Thanks son, I did feel ill” “Yes I could see” “You so and so I was winning that match today” I said “You want to bring more food and a hot flask of drink with you and when its cold put a pair of ladies tights on” I said. This huge grin appeared across his face and he said “You bloody fool, you’ve waited 30 years to get your own back on me, from when you passed out as a young lad down the Cam and it seemed like yesterday” he said. “Yes I remember it well”, after getting Percy home I phoned Mick Dant as he was still in contact with Tracey, Percy’s daughter to let her know Percy had been poorly. Percy missed the next match due to the cold, but from that day on he called me ‘Doctor Darler’. Ian, thank you for these stories, I was beginning to think I was the only victim of the legend!!!! Percy, you are not forgotten. Graham