Percy arrived at the Abbey Stadium the morning of the official handover of the New Suite, Stand and Control Room, Councillors, the Mayor, Club Directors, Building Company Managers all due to attend. I was in the Control Box finishing off ready for the opening. Percy walked along the running tack. Percy looked up into the Control Room, I waved, he put his hand up and made his way upstairs in the Control Room, Jimmy dog running behind. “I’ve just walked the towpath at the Pike and Eel, it looks good son. “Percy I can’t stop today as I have the opening here in an hour’s time. “Ok son I know when I am not wanted and off he trotted, Jimmy in tow. When he left I thought what the hells that smell? Bloody hell he had trodden in the biggest pile of dog shit all the way around the control room and stairway. I had to phone a mate to get more carpet tiles, but they did not have anymore tiles in stock. So we had to replace them with odd colour tiles. The Site Foreman came upstairs to check everything just before the officials arrived. “What the bloody hell has happened here?” “What is that stink?” Someone has trodden dog shit through the building; we cleaned up the other areas and sprayed the area with air freshener. Next day Percy was back again, I said “bloody hell you got me in trouble yesterday, you trod dog shit all around the building. “I never had shit on my shoes when I got home” Percy said, “No cause you wiped it all off here!”. We had a laugh and he put his arm around me and said don’t worry they would not have noticed!