A number of people are aware that Percy was a talented footballer, who moved from Cambridge United to West Bromwich Albion, and then some years later returned to Cambridge United, now he told me the stories of one of his last great goals at the Abbey. He told me he was not a favourite with the crowd, but on this day, he played centre forward, “getting stick from the crowd”. When a defender headed the ball clear out at the penalty box to land on Percy’s boot who let fly and scored a fantastic goal on the volley, he promptly ran to the crowd turned his back and dropped his shorts bearing his arse. Now Percy on several occasions when visiting me at the stadium would re-enact the goal scoring achievement, he ran out of the players tunnel, waving to the crowd, then would run down the pitch in his baggy grey tracksuit bottoms, to either finish with a driving header or simulate the volley. Then running around the pitch with his arms in the air, Jimmy his dog in hot pursuit, then he would run behind the goal bearing his arse.