Much has been said about the infamous Dawn Raiders - most of it exaggerated slightly. The main participants were Percy, Gary, Mick, Tweedie and Jimmy Dog. The raids on waters were always early morning affairs as the lads liked to be back for their Sunday Roast and pint of beer! And Jimmy Dog could only take so much barking at the Swans and ducks before his little voice would go hoarse. (Dog? Horse? Oh well!) It is funny really but the raids took place every Sunday summer or winter over 4 or 5 years and it can be truly said that not once did any of the raiders really bag up. OK so every now and then one of them would get a few fish but not big catches. This makes it all a little strange, as today if you speak with one of the elder raiders – Percy, he nearly always seems to bag up, yes always. I was reminded of the pleasures of the company of the Dawn Raiders the other day when I attended the C.U.F.C. Match on the Cam. There was Percy commanding respect from anglers he had taught such as Rob, Martin and Ian. Although the years have aged Percy, everything still seemed the same. Just look at the picture of him and see if you agree. I’d like to hear form those anglers that have gone off to America and Australia and see if they remember Percy? Look at those flairs and the Hush Puppy Jesus Boots. Did the trousers fit when they were purchased new? Has that cigarette always hung off this lip? Hmmmmm. Just a few days later Percy was persuaded to fish the match on the Cam at Clayhithe. Again I was reminded of the Raiders as after a couple of hours Percy and his dog were wandering up and down the bank. “You’re fishing it all wrong son,” he said. He always says this, strange really as usually it is when you are catching and he is not. Of course this type of comment would cast doubt in your mind and then you would stop catching. So that’s why we never caught much, aha at last I’ve unlocked the mystery. Its sort of mind games, you see basically if Percy is not catching then you bloody well won’t either! I’ve tried all sorts over the years to make him go away but without success. A colleague had this recent conversation with our old friend. “Percy I understand you and Tweedie came out of retirement and fished the match on the Cam?” “Yes” “He replied, “How did Tweedie do?” Percy paused for a moment then replied “He fished like pigshit, using floats out of his box 20 years old!” Oh, Percy, then he did not do very well then? How did you do??? “Well umm I fished pigshit too” So you came nowhere then? “Well I would have done if I had bothered to weigh in like Tweedie!” Oh so he did o.k. then “4th – not much good really” Percy growled. Things don’t change.