Points Match 4, The Old West, 1st August 2021

Numbers this week were down slightly with a few regulars unable to fish but it was still a good match between the eleven that could make it. Gwyn drew the favoured No 10 swim again this year but this time made the most of it to win with over 10 lb, followed closely by Simon just two pegs away with an ounce over 8 lb. At the other end Ken managed 6½ lb with Trevor next door weighing only 4 lb 5 oz for fourth place. In between there were five weights of 2 lb or less with a couple of DNWs so overall it seemed the end pegs were where you needed to be. I hear weed was a problem for most so maybe next year some advance raking might be in order, we’ll see. Ian Claydon
Points match No. 4 Fished Old West 1st August 2021
Gwyn Andrews103813
Simon Deal81012
Ken Whitmore6811
Trevor Sturge4510
Alan Moden3149
Glen Freeman2488
Paul Sumption167
Don Savins01586
John Read0155
Bill ScottDNW1
Ernie AndrewsDNW1