Points Match 3 Burwell Lode Upware 18 th July 2021

With no official weed clearing now being undertaken it was down to a few volunteers to prepare the swims. Special thanks therefore go to Colin Jakes, who hasn’t fished a club match for several years but was missing our company and wanted to help, plus the usual suspects Ken, Mike, Simon, Glen, Alan, John and of course Trevor who did a good job of at least making it possible to get a line more than a few inches deep into the weed. The crystal clear water and full sun made it easy to see where possible ‘holes’ in the weed were but at the same time removed any hopes of having good nets. This in fact had already been confirmed by those who had admitted to practice sessions earlier in the week Trevor had pegged the swims in such a way that all bar one were beyond the pylon, hoping perhaps that he would get this one with no neighbours, maximising his chances? As it turned out Ken drew it, which immediately dashed any hopes he had as it turned out to be the exact same peg he had failed miserably at during his mid week practice! Despite the Swarovski water, weed, sun and temperature the fish were there and were feeding but they were certainly not easy to catch. Even if you could find a few in one of the tiny ‘holes’ as soon as a boat came along, which they frequently did, the weed pattern was changed and you had to start again. The considerable floating debris, which included huge reed root bundles pulled up as some of the boats moved for the first time this year, also seriously reduced available options. Ken described his swim, which was the furthest downstream and therefore probably the worst affected, as being covered in a thick carpet you could walk across, that was his excuse anyway. Like many I was plagued by pike, one of which performed a salmon style leap completely clearing the water as it tried to snatch a 2- 3 oz roach being swung in, Dave Keedy would have fainted at the sight. I suppose the weed was in our favour in this respect, without it the pike would have taken many more hooked fish. One real memory of the day is the number of grass snakes we saw. While at the draw we saw two ‘snaking’ their way across the perfectly calm water and then during the fishing some of us saw up to four more and most saw at least one. All were in perfect condition with very distinctive markings some over 2’ long. Our next match scheduled for 1 st August will be on The Old West, as usual please book on with Trevor, details as per the cub book. Ian Claydon
Points match No. 3 Fished Reach Lode Upware 18th July 2021
Simon Deal6513
Ian Claydon410812
Gwyn Andrews4711
Ken Whitmore31210
Paul Sumption399
Russ Smith11388
John Read1887
Mike Lynch1686
Trevor Sturge165
Alan ModenDNW1
Norman KnightleyDNW1
Rob TurnerDNW1