For the coming season CFPAS will not be managing the fishing rights at the park.

The park has developed significantly over recent years with the introduction of many activities and including a number of additional water sports including paddle boarding, wild swimming etc. It has increasingly become difficult to manage these activities to avoid potential conflict with Angling.

We were fortunate for many years to have exclusive use of the lakes, but we recognize the park is for all and the introduction of the other water sports has significantly contributed to the park's budget. These activities are not likely to reduce but increase in the coming years, as is the amount of footfall and general public using the park which again has led to unwanted conflict of interests.

After discussion with CFPAS it has been agreed that the park management will for the coming season manage all activities, including any angling opportunities.

Whilst this is disappointing news for CFPAS members, we understand the Park's new strategy and will look to develop new opportunities of our own in the coming seasons. Including new stocking, continuing refurbishment and new projects within our other still waters.

We are proud to have contributed to the development of the park securing significant sums for disability platforms and refurbishment grants and including our annual rent paid to the park.

We thank the park for the past opportunity and wish them well for the future in the management of the park activities. Hopefully going from strength to strength.

Anglers wishing to find out more about any future arrangements at the park should direct their enquirers to the park management.