Sweepstake 1, Mepal, 7th June 2020

For many this was the first match opportunity following an easing of Covid restrictions and sixteen turned up to see if they could still fish. Trevor drew everyone’s pegs, a measure to maintain social distancing, and some including himself were clearly pleased with the result. However, realism soon struck when after a few casts almost everyone remained bite less, the fish it seemed had had a long break and didn’t respond to free offerings, a few days of preceding colder weather didn’t help.

The Mepal Marvel, using his proven long range worm/feeder tactics, was out to reinforce his dominance at this venue and was soon into his first bream. At a good 5 lb it definitely weighed more than everyone else’s combined catches to that point in the match.

As the day progressed things picked up a little for some, Mark Freeman found a tench of about 3 lb as did Kevin Watkins who also found some willing rudd in his slightly deeper swim. The less fortunate of us with barely 3 – 4 feet for as far as you can see a waggler remained almost bite less for the whole 5 hrs!

Jamie Bruce managed to steal one of Rob’s bream, but at only 4 lb and with only a few rudd to complement it he still only managed 4th place. Jason persevered with the small rudd but with just 7 lb could only manage third behind Kevin who with his bonus tench weighed in just over 9 lb.

The star was once again Rob Turner, his largest of five bream went 5 lb 13 oz and together with a tench of about 3 lb he totalled nearly 31 lb to keep his Mepal Marvel title. Rob did warn us that in order to keep his top position he intends landing some of the 12 lb+ bream known to inhabit the pit, we’ll see!

Our next match is on 21st June above Baits Bite lock on The Cam. It will be our 1st points match this season, please book on as usual with Trevor, details as per the club book.

Ian Claydon

Sweepstake No. 1 Fished Block Fen, Mepal on 7th June 2020
Rob Turner3012*
Kevin Watkins91
Jason O'Dell70
Jamie Bruce46
Mark Freeman315
Gwyn Andrews32
Ken Whitmore213
Mike Lynch29
Glen Freeman23
John Read21
Paul SumptionDNW
Dave keedyDNW
Kevin SaundersDNW
Bill ScottDNW
Trevor SturgeDNW
Ian ClaydonDNW
* Biggest bream 5 lb 13 oz