Points Match 8 The Lark 27th September 2020

We again fished the section upstream of the moorings leaving the more usual downstream pegs free. Thanks again go to Ken for his efforts in clearing bankside vegetation from 17 swims, on his own this time so a significant workout! Mike also wants to record his special thanks to Trevor for not doing the draw, he got the winning swim with the shortest walk which he’s sure wouldn’t have come from Trevor’s hand!

Apart from a strong wind from behind, which was tempered to a large degree by the flood bank, conditions looked near perfect. The main issue was a significant amount of weed covering the last three feet of depth making it very difficult to fish near the bottom for tench or skimmers. The roach however were up in the water and most caught not much deeper than about 2½ - 3 feet.

Another significant problem was the number of pike patrolling the whole match length, I was attacked numerous times and apart from losing some good fish to the hungry predators and having to endure significant ‘dead’ periods while they were lurking near the surface, I also had to replace seven ruined rigs. I wasn’t alone, many others also suffered but Paul Sumption turned it to advantage and continued pike fishing after the match to take revenge.

All weights were quite close with an average of just under 6 lb although Mike was the only one to just top 8 lb.

Our next match is on The Old West on 11th October.

Ian Claydon

Points match No.7 Fished Reach Lode, Upware on 13th September 2020
Ken Whitmore141413
Trevor Sturge131212
Simon Deal12911
Gwyn Andrews101010
John Read1029
Jason O'Dell968
Norman Knightley8127
Rob Turner896
Ian Claydon665
Paul Sumption5154
Mike Lynch5983
Glen Freeman5782
Mark Freeman41081
Bill Scott421