Points Match 3 The Lark 19th July 2020

A lot of work was undertaken by a number of people to prepare the swims for the 16 people that fished the match. Special mention to Trevor who has led the work that has needed to be done here and on Burwell Lode.

For this match the pegs used did not include the usual pegs between the bridge at Prickwillow and the mooring which can make the match a bit ‘peggy’ instead we used the section beyond the mooring for all 16 pegs.

It was a bright breezy day, Paul had arranged some additional parking as the regular parking area had been sectioned off by the workmen renovating the moorings. However they had just prior to the match relinquished much of our regular parking area.

The match was fairly even with small fish dominating with the best weights coming from those at either end of the section used.

Whip fishing relatively close in did well. There were fish down the track and over on the far bank however the shoals of decent Rudd on the waggler across did not really show.

Kevin from Peg 1 just pipped Mark on peg 2 with John at the far end coming 3rd.

Mike Lynch

Points match No. 3 Fished The Lark on 19th July 2020
Kevin Saunders8813
Mark Freeman8412
John Read6711
Norman Knightley5710
Ken Whitmore549
Dave Keedy4888
Jamie Bruce417
Gwyn Andrews3146
Simon Deal375
Trevor Sturge274
Craig Nicholas233
Mike Lynch222
Paul Sumption181
Glen Freeman151
Adam BiggadikeDNW1
Bill ScottDNW1