Points Match 2, The Old West, 5th July 2020

Trevor had to check his watch as Paul managed to turn up a whole 5minutes before the draw. This obviously unsettled Trevor as he announced that we were going to fish a five hour match from 9am until 2pm forgetting the half hour we were to spend raking, so it was swiftly moved to 9.30am to 2.30.

Many were hoping to pull out peg 10, not because it was a particularly favoured section but because John had been out fishing in the week and had spent 40 minutes raking it. Trevor draws for everyone and Glen was the grateful recipient of peg 10.

I invariably draw the section covered by pegs 11-13 which generally fish badly. Usually I end up there alongside Trevor. Trevor again ended up in that section which again fished poorly, but kindly managed to pull out peg 3 for me.

The conditions made presentation difficult with a strong wind blowing all day. Both Gwyn and Mark had pole sections snapped so an expensive days fishing for them both.

Although the river was thick with weed and the full half hour raking was needed, the smaller fish were feeding.

Ken Whitmore won in a canter from peg one with 192 fish for just under 10lbs.

John Reed benefited from his practise session with 6lbs for second place from peg 8. He also lost 3 good fish (probably Tench in the weed).

It was somewhat unusual that no Tench were caught this time out. I managed a 1lb 7oz Perch caught on worm over my chopped worm and caster feed which gave me just under 6lbs for 3rd place.

Given it was only a 5 hour match in windy conditions the weights were not too bad, we have had far worse in recent years here.

Mike Lynch

Points match No. 2 Fished The Old West on 5th July 2020
Ken Whitmore913013
John Read60012
Mike Lynch5*11811
Mark Freeman55010
Simon Deal41289
Jason O'Dell4508
Glen Freeman4107
Adam Biggadike4006
Gwyn Andrews3305
Trevor Sturge2104
Bill Scott11203
David Linsey1302
Paul Sumption01381
* included a perch of 1 lb 7 oz