Update on weed cutting at MCP and ongoing works at Block Fen;

After Speaking with Staff at MCP - We’ve agreed that the weed will not be cut in the north east end of Todds, in front of pegs 8, 9 and 10. They will also avoid working early mornings when the carp are most active. The Person carrying out the work is a fishery owner and breeder so we can be sure that the upmost care will be taken. There are some benefits with cutting of the rest of the pit as it will expose feeding areas which are important to the carps recovery after spawning.

The park had scheduled the work for well over a month ago but due to the covid-19 situation it was unable to be completed. This will be in the interests of everyone whilst allowing the main breeding area to be left alone. I hope you’ll all agree this is a very positive result for us. Thank you to Sarah and the MCP team for their understanding and assistance.

Also Block fen A-pit;

We’ve had a few messages from anglers wondering what’s going on behind A pit;

Hansons have started work to re-establish and re-instate the habitat of the old bike track, which will result in the next phase of the quarries nature reserve work. The whole of block fen is a designated reserve and eventually will all be put back as so. We’re lucky enough to be able to fish on parts of it.

There will be disruptions so for safety reasons - Please be patient and do not fish where the works are being carried out. The rear of the lake is effectively out of bounds for everyone and must not be fished under any circumstances. Our Head Bailiff Darren along with Deklan, Glen and the others will help enforce this.

Thank you – CFPAS & Milton Country Park.