Unfortunately during the closed/lockdown period, there were incidents of anti-social behaviour and vandalism to the lake and the surrounding area. (Which we have reported to the EA and police, along with the supporting evidence).

Unfortunately again we’re left to pick up the pieces; So we’re asking if anyone who’s venturing down for a fish, would be kind enough to spend 10 mins filling up a bag to either leave it for us to collect over the next week or even better could possibly take it away?

As for the lake itself – Scheduled works which had to be postponed are back on the cards to include otter/security fencing and track improvements. The consultation for the access to the drove and South Cambs Council is also still on-going. This will then dictate how we move forward with the fishery and continue to try and improve it.

Thank you in advance to anyone that can lend a hand, it’s so greatly appreciated.