Dear Anglers,

Please see below our current guidance for all members fishing on our waters:

  • Anglers must have a current E.A. Rod licence
  • Anglers fishing CFPAS waters must have a current Season Permit available via our website postal application or one of our bailiffs
  • Anglers are encouraged to arrive on their own unless they can prove that they are travelling with someone they are living with.
  • Anglers when parking should leave suitable space (2M) between cars.
  • Anglers to fish a minimum of 15M apart.
  • Anglers may fish with people who live in the same household or one person outside of their household as long as social distancing guidelines are met.
  • Anglers should have with them disposable gloves and anti-bacterial sanitiser for use when handling gate locks and other surfaces.
  • All waste and rubbish must be disposed of offsite by each angler.
  • Anglers are reminded that Government guidelines may well change and we may find ourselves
  • back in lockdown. Should this occur then all CFPAS Fisheries will be immediately closed.
  • All Anglers must ensure they have all of the right and necessary equipment and must not share equipment or bait. For example landing nets. Anglers must wish within their capability and for now fish with a maximum of 2 rods.
  • The club and bailiffs hold the right to refuse membership if the guidelines set out are not followed. In certain circumstances this could include reporting the incident to police 101, and Environment Agency. Any confrontational behavior or aggression towards bailiffs or club volunteers will be reported.

NB: Anglers must not fish on any of our waters until they have secured their 2020/2021 Season Permit.