Sweepstake Match 3, Reach Lode. Upware, 15th December 2019

We were down on numbers for this match but those missing it also missed a good day’s fishing! Despite near freezing overnight temperatures for the past week and a blustery wind across the left shoulder, i.e. not quite from behind, the fish were hungry.

I thought I was doing OK with almost a fish a cast from the off but Simon next door was catching at a faster rate, although his roach seemed smaller. Others nearer the lock were also catching but the only clue to how many was in the fact that no-one, including Trevor, walked the bank! Newish boy Nick was next to me again, at least this time I didn’t see him using his landing net and his catch rate was definitely slower than mine so this made up for Simon the other side.

The fish were nervous of the clear water and when the sun made the occasional showing they disappeared for cover under the far boats, the better roach seemed to also stop feeding, at least for me as the best I found then was barely an ounce compared to 2 – 3 ozs otherwise.

Our next match is on 16th June above Baits Bite lock on The Cam. If enough want to fish we will extend the pegs above the A14. As the ‘law’ would have it the only boaters to appear that day got on ‘my boat’ and proceeded to stir things up with engine revving, oil filling, cleaning of propeller etc etc and in that last hour I only caught three small fish compared to an average of nearer 1½ lb in all previous hours.

Several times during the match a shimmering ghostly feeling wandered the bank and most suspected Camo John was stalking us trying to pick up tips and tricks. The swans saw him as several times they made unexpected panicky rushes for cover and also some of the many runners were seen to make swerving motions as they dodged him on the high bank. Seems he has nearly perfected his outer layers.

Surprisingly I don’t think anyone caught a rudd and very few perch were seen either, it was just a roach day. Simon won with a good near 13 lb, closely followed by Ken with just over 11 lb. Average weight per angler was 8 lb.

Our next match is on 5th January 2020, supposedly at Prickwillow but this may change! I will email nearer the time with final details but feel free to book with Trevor as usual, details as per the club book.

Ian Claydon

Sweepstake No 3 Fished Reach Lode, Upware on 15th December 2019
Simon Deal121580
Ken Whitmore11300
Gwyn Andrews7900
Ian Claydon6600
Trevor Sturge5800
Nick Lett4780
John Read???100