Points Match 12, The Cam, Clayhithe, 1st December 2019

As in previous years this early December match delivered near-perfect weather and with plenty of fish topping optimism was high. Early pre-match advice was given re peg spacing, allowing Trevor to fit everyone onto the moorings.

Suddenly appearing among us at the draw Camo John didn’t disappoint with his frightening interpretation of ‘The Predator’, a shimmering display of ghostliness flickering over his new jacket and trouser outfit. With such regular dress improvements, one can only wonder what his Xmas outfit might be?

Further amusement arrived in the form of Ken, still sporting the red and yellow wheel that he had pinched from Noddy but this time it was squeaking along the towpath under the weight of too much gear.

While waiting for Gwen to turn up, as usual, he made it just seconds before the draw, thoughts, and sympathies went to those unable to come this week such as Bill, poor Jason who was absent due to being required on holiday and also his Dad who was apparently recovering after a fight with some bacteria (nothing serious we were told). We certainly missed their jokes, and hope they make it next time.

I started the match fishing a mid-river pole line but bites were slow and after 10 minutes I had only a few tiny roach. Having fed the far bank from the off I then sent a waggler right across and within seconds was fighting a small chub of around a pound. This was followed by two more in as many casts but unfortunately, they got progressively smaller.

Those around me weren’t doing any better although new boy Nick was seen using his landing net a few times and Paul had a few decent roach to ½ lb or so. Frustrated by early missed bites Ken ‘accidentally dropped’ his landing net head into the near margin in the hope that Mr Tinca would visit him again and be tempted in there by some dead maggot offerings.

Gwen capitalised on John sitting next to him, hoping his scarry outfit might push better fish to the far bank! His hunch seemed well-founded as he eventually won the match with 12 lb of roach from right across under a bush where he found them hiding from the predator. Curiosity did, however, send shoals of smaller fish towards John and being mesmerised by the hallucinogenic show he managed to catch nearly 6 lb of them. Mike the other side of John also had a good day, nearly making double figures with 8½ lb.

Trevor had hoped to draw peg 1 but was happy enough with No 2, leaving the scales to Kevin who fished well enough for second place with 9¾ lb. Trevor was still smiling right up to the weigh-in, having caught lots of small roach for a respectful 4½ lb!

Special mention goes to Paul, who diligently intercepted several anglers heading upstream to check/sell them permits, spending about an hour of the match on bailiff duties. He was otherwise catching decent roach on the waggler and would have improved his final position with a few more casts.

Ken recovered his empty net and never saw Mr Tinca, I never saw a bigger chub and no one saw John again.

Our next match is scheduled for 15th December, the Xmas sweepstake on Reach Lode at Upware. It is apparently fishing well if you wish to fish please book a place with Trevor details as per the club book.

Ian Claydon

Points match No. 12 The Cam, Clayhithe on 1st December 2019
Gwyn Andrews122013
Kevin Saunders912012
Ian Claydon815011
Mike Lynch88010
Nick Lett6009
John Read51208
Ken Whitmore51107
Paul Sumption4806
Trevor Sturge4705