Points Match 11, The Lark, Prickwillow, 3rd November 2019

First, I have a correction to the last report on our Cam match, Trevor did not drop a place because he had ‘walked the bank’ he did in fact fish the whole time and caught as much as he could, it was just not quite enough. I genuinely thought I had seen him checking everyone’s progress but turns out it was Kevin in disguise, he had ‘Tango’d’ his face with turmeric from his maggot box, appearing like he’d overdone the fake tan or gone to fancy dress as a Belisha beacon! No wonder he didn’t do as well as usual, the fish would surely have been scarred of the orange glow sitting in front of them.

Arriving at this time’s draw John, now known as Camo John, had clearly been affected by Kevin’s previous makeup and entertained us with a display of his interpretation of a chameleon. I hope the comments about bright blue T shirts, luminous multicoloured jackets etc don’t put him off next time’s fashion showing! Kevin meantime had managed to wash all the turmeric off and was now looking almost normal. Special thanks have to go to Jason for cheering the mood with cracking non-PC jokes, probably learned from his Dad.

Anyway, after being bullied about report mistakes there was clearly a lot of apprehension before this match. Reviewing reports from the past couple of years it is clear this venue has morphed, with a complete reversal of good/bad swims and which end of the section is best etc. As confirmation it seemed most wanted a higher peg number but none were confident. Conditions were otherwise perfect apart from the previous night having perhaps been a little cold.

It became clear from the off that this was going to be a hard day, I think I had the first bite and a small roach but not until about ½ hour had passed. Quite a few walked the bank, including Trevor, and it was confirmed that no one was catching more than the odd small fish. The flow picked up at around midday and several of us then managed to buy a few fish although nothing to get excited over. In the end those who fancied the higher peg numbers were especially disappointed, totalling 3 bites between four, two of who DNW. John, one of the four, did manage one fish but it was reported that he had taken his camouflaging to a new level and actually died his maggots in forest floor/river bed colours so they appeared more natural? However, as he spent ½ the day fishing up in the far bank trees we never got to see whether the fish would have found them.

Ken, who used to be reckoned as a small fish man, again surprised us with a winning net of only four fish but with a 1 lb 2 oz perch and another around ½ lb these totalled just under 2 lb to win the day. Kevin also had a ‘bonus’ roach of around 6 - 8 oz to weigh in 1½ lb for second. Gwyn, with a little tweaking of the scales, recorded 15 oz for third place, beating me by 8 drams. With just over 6 lb between the thirteen of us it wasn’t our best day!

So yet another odd day at Prickwillow with no obvious reason why the fish seemed to have virtually disappeared, this time from all pegs. Some are thinking it may have something to do with a newly resident otter frightening the fish downstream? There was therefore talk of organizing a working party to clear some new swims much further downstream, I will communicate later on that with Trevor.

Our next match is on 17th November, a sweepstake on Reach Lode at Upware. As usual please book with Trevor if you wish to fish, details as per the club book.

Ian Claydon

Points match No. 11 Fished The Lark, Prickwillow on 3rd November 2019
Ken Whitmore1*13013
Kevin Sanders18812
Gwyn Andrews15011
Ian Claydon14810
Jason O'Dell1209
Trevor Sturge188
Simon Deal107
John Read086
Mike Lynch086
Rob TurnerDNW1
Bill ScottDNW1
Briam RumblesDNW1
Paul SumptionDNW1
* included a perch of 1 lb 2 oz