Points Match 10, The Cam, the shallows, 20th October 2019

Conditions looked perfect, slight flow and colour, minimal wind and a heavy mist to hide us meaning expectations for a good day were high. Indeed, we were not to be disappointed, most of us anyway.

While we were in the noted chub stretch the one problem most swims had was still the presence of streamer weed making far bank waggler presentation very difficult, most therefore opted for short to medium pole tactics. Almost from the off roach and dace started filling nets, seeming to prefer pinkie and maggot over bread, hemp or casters. Bank gossip suggested a few lucky ones were catching a better stamp of fish than others, Ken for example was reported to have a lot of fish but nothing bigger than a couple of ozs, Tony on the other hand was using his landing net every other cast!

Jason continued on good form, his dad has taught him well, and he even impressed himself with a nice 18 lb 12 oz net. Gwyn wasn’t far behind but could only manage 15½ lb for second. The biggest surprise was from Ken, not because he came a very respectable third with 14¼ lb but because his net of tiny roach included a 5 lb 1 oz tench, a magnificent specimen, the best I’ve seen from The Cam. Even more impressive was that he caught it on a single pinkie on a size 20 to No 4 elastic!!

Tony just pipped Trevor for fourth place, who having been beaten by just over 3 ozs was cursing his mid match stroll along the bank to assess the competition. Everyone else had a good day although Adam was frustrated with his performance sitting next to Ken and didn’t bother the scales man.

Our next points match is on 3rd November on The Lark at Prickwillow. Please book on as usual with Trevor.

Ian Claydon

Points match No. 10 Fished The Cam, shallows on 20th October 2019
Jason O'Dell1812013
Gwyn Andrews157012
Ken Whitmore14*4011
Tony Carr1210810
Trevor Sturge12609
Simon Deal10708
Ian Claydon10007
Kevin Sanders81106
Mike Lynch61105
Brian Rumbles5304
Rob Turner4503
Paul Sumption11302
Adam BiggadykeDNW1
*included a tench of 5 lb 1 oz