Points Match 9, Old West Stretham, 6th October 2019

What is it about the Old West matches? It either rains as we are setting up, as we are packing up or during the match.

On Sunday we had the first two with torrential rain at the outset and showers off and on during. The breeze also got up and I think a couple of brolly’s suffered.

The lucky ones were those who chose this week to be on holiday and miss the match.

With only eight hardy anglers we had some decent space between pegs. I have never done well on the river. I was fishing alongside Simon who informed me at the outset that the fishing where we had drawn was generally rubbish, probably trying to cheer me up in the rain.

He was however proved right with us occupying the last two places in the weights well behind the rest. We did however have the consolation of Gwyn and Kevin being either side of us, so were able to see fish being caught on a regular basis.

In fact ourselves apart the weights were quite good for the river, with Gwyn and Kevin catching 11lbs and 10 lbs 9ozs respectively for first and second place, With Kevin losing a good fish in the weed. Gwyn was finding fish most of the way across at 15mtrs.

Jamie also had a good day coming in third with 8lbs 8ozs.

On the plus side the weather put the boaters off with only a couple of boats coming through. Even the cows were put off only a handful making an appearance at the end of the match.

So roll on the next match in a couple of weeks, book in with Trevor in the usual manner.


Points match No. 9 Fished The Old West on 6th October 2019
Gwyn Andrews11013
Kevin Saunders10912
Jamie Bruce8811
John Read6810
Jason O'Dell569
Paul Sumption1158
Mike Lynch167
Simon Deal146