Points match No. 8 Fished Burwell Lode, Upware on 22nd September 2019

Conditions were near perfect, the weed wasn’t too thick (although raking was still thought prudent in most swims) and with some colour to the water decent catches were expected.

From the off it was a bite a cast in the lower peg numbers but the roach were on the small side, at least for me! With a little time and judicious feeding better fish started coming towards the far side and also to hemp/casters. Lots of choppy went into Kevin’s swim and when bubbles appeared he announced that he was going to catch a tench. Sure enough, after a short time and a few tense moments where it tried to get lost in the weed, a 4 lb’er was in his net. After his previous match performance on The Lark concerns had been expressed over whether Kevin had lost it, doubters were therefore relieved to see that he hadn’t as he continued to confidently pick out some good fish, including several perch around a lb and a further 4 lb tench, to win with a net of over 16 lb. Gwyn next to him also gave a good performance, catching well on hemp for a close second and Simon, favouring caster, had a good 3rd place weight of over 13 lb. Ken and Rob also had double figures, which I believe included some decent roach to hemp.

At the weigh in it was clear that Jason’s luck had waned a little although at one point the bank telegraph reported that he had a monster tench fighting to get free. The prolonged splashing however was in fact Jason franticly trying to recover his wallet, still full of previous match winnings, testing his netting skills to the limit. I’m told he was also seen netting some bitterling for fear that he may be a DNW if he tried swinging them in.

I would have done a lot better than 7½ lb in peg 1 if it hadn’t been for all the cut weed and thick surface scum backing up from the lock to make my swim unfishable for the last 1½ hrs. I recall Mike had a similar problem in our last match here so perhaps in future peg 1 should be left out when weed is about? I also had to pack up early because of a family do, thank you Kevin for doing the weighing in for me. At least I avoided the soaking everyone else got when the skies opened on the final whistle, apparently someone had decided we should fish an extra ¼ hour to allow for pre match raking!

Finally, mention has to be made of an extraordinary event! At around midday the peace was shattered by a thesaurus of four letter words bellowing from the road through Upware. Becoming louder the abuse was clearly coming my way and I commented to Kevin that all bites were about to stop, Kevin quickly nicknamed the voice as Mrs Grounds for Divorce and I couldn’t keep from laughing as the crescendo walked passed. The sound barrier was broken a few minutes later as she passed the ½ way mark when her dog had clearly had enough and tried to escape. We all suffered but our sympathies have to go to Mr Gumption who was brave enough to politely ask Mrs Grounds for Divorce as she passed him to clean up her language. He should have just told her to shut the f… up as the replies fired at him are unprintable and went on and on to be heard for the 300 yds of the match length and probably in Wicken, Reach and Upware too! It really was the worst case of common verbal diarrhoea I’ve ever heard.

The next match is on The Old West, Sunday 6th October, draw at 08.00. As usual please book on with Trevor.

Ian Claydon

Points match No. 8 Fished Burwell Lode, Upware on 22nd September 2019
Kevin Saunders16*9013
Gwyn Andrews1511012
Simon Deal134011
Ken Whitmore113010
Rob Turner10609
Trevor Sturge81308
Jason O'Dell8007
Ian Claydon7706
John Read7405
Mike Lynch6504
Brian Rumbles5803
Adam Biggadyke5702
Paul Sumption3301
* included two tench of approx 4 lb each