Points Match 6, The Cam, Horningsea, 25th August 2019

Sessions a week earlier delivering near 20 lb nets of mainly roach had raised hopes for some good match results. The weather this day however had other ideas and despite some colour and flow the intense sun and 30°C temperature were enough to dissuade any decent fish from showing any interest in what we had to offer.

The weather of course also bought out the weekend boaters, numerous cyclists, joggers and walkers so the vigilance required to keep one’s pole safe distracted attention more than usual! The occasional roach and dace also helped keep most of us awake, and for Norman and myself both losing decent chub early in the day sharpened the resolve although in the end without reward.

Gwyn had the best net by far, somehow a willing shoal stayed in front of him all day from which he picked out 12½ lb of roach. Not bad considering this had been thought to be the worst draw with shallower water and no cover from moored boats.

John took out the frustration of missing a few bites on his whip, which he managed to break when showing it would bend quite a bit should he actually hook a fish. He just over did it slightly.

Our next points match is on 8th September on The Lark at Prickwillow. Please book on as usual with Trevor. Also, for those over 60 and any ladies (or guys who’d like to change for the day) there is a match above Baits Bite lock on 31st August. You need to book on with John Pope if you wish to fish.

Ian Claydon

Points match No. 6 Fished The Cam, Horningsea on 25th August 2019
Gwyn Andrews128013
Jason O'Dell515812
Trevor Sturge511011
John Read412010
Ken Whitmore41009
Tony Carr41009
Adam Biggadike21407
Simon Deal21306
Ian Claydon21105
Norman Knightly2704
Bill Scott2704
Trevor O'Dell2402
Paul Sumption1201
Rob TurnerDNW1
Jamie BruceDNW1