Points Match 4 Burwell Lode Upware 28th July 2019

Having had some glorious weather recently the weekend proved to be a very wet one. Many thanks to the guys who had turned out on Saturday to rake the swims and got a soaking for their troubles.

Particularly Ken who decided to check the depth for everyone and having not taken a plummet went above and beyond getting into the water.

I have never seen the weed so high and it appears that the channel has not been cut since last year which cannot be good for boaters as well as fishermen.

There were 15 of us at the start of the match Kevin was back after his knee op but Ian was missing due to holidays.

There were reports of people magnet fishing earlier in the week. If anyone knows who they were could they contact Trevor as he is willing to give a reward for any of the many rakes he has lost in the Lode.

Trevor allowed 30 minutes for raking and reduced the match to 5.5 hours. Paul drew an end peg for the second match running (peg 15) and I drew peg 1. As is always the case when someone has a bad knee Kevin drew peg 13 towards the far end.

Trevor had tried to make sure everyone had a boat except for one swim (you know which one he got)

The weed that everyone had cut ended up in my swim for the last two hours when the Lode backed up. I ended up fishing standing up to try and drop my bait into any gaps. Trevor had kindly advised me where they had cut holes near the boat, unfortunately after a couple of hours when I was going over the other side the owners decided to spend the afternoon clambering around the boat. Despite that I managed to pick up quite a few Rudd up to half a pound mainly on red worm and lost one very good fish.

Simon Deal won by a country mile with 13lbs 6 ozs, the result was much closer amongst the also rans with myself edging 2nd place with 4lbs 4ozs closely followed by Jason O’Dell 4lbs 2ozs, Trevor Sturge 4lbs 0ozs (who lost a Tench and tried to swing in a 6ozs Perch) and Paul Sumption 3lbs 15ozs.

The next match is at Block Fen Sunday 11th August draw 12.00 fish 1.00 until 7.00. Please book in with Trevor

Mike Lynch

Points match No. 4 Fished Burwell Lode, Upware on July 28th 2019
Simon Deal13613
Mike Lynch4412
Jason O'Dell4211
Trevor Sturge4010
Paul Sumption3159
Rob Turner398
Tony Carr267
Kevin Saunders246
John Read11485
Gwyn Andrews1104
Brian Rumbles1104
Ken Whitmore112
Norman KnightlyDNW1
Bill ScottDNW1
Jamie BruceDNW1