Points Match 3 Old West Stretham 14th July 2019

In recent years we have had a soaking at some point during the match todays match was a pleasant change. We also heard that Jason and Trevor had been down there recently and had a fish a chuck

We were down in numbers with Kevin recovering from a knee op, Jamie teaching others how to fish and Ian with a wrist injury (but no further information about how this was incurred although it was rather unkindly suggested it was lifting his net of fish out at the Lark in his previous match)

In recent years I have had poor matchs on the Old West having drawn the same area of the river each time and next to Trevor each time (not sure which was to blame).

As Trevor also performed poorly each time I did suggest to him that he left the two pegs we kept drawing out this time. But no he insisted on keeping them in and drew one of them. Feeling smug, I drew peg 2.

However the top 4 weights came from the four far end pegs.

John thought he had the match in the bag with a 3lb tench in his catch of 5lbs 12ozs and having seen Jason lose a good tench at the net was convinced it was going to be his day. He was however undone by Trevor who caught a tench of 4lbs 2ozs in the dying minutes to weigh in with 6lbs 6ozs.

Norman again did well on the far end peg securing 3rd place.

The river did not fish well with tiny fish being the order of the day Brian and Paul (who wants to go by the name of Trevor for some reason) both found some better fish on worm.

The boat traffic was awful, but at least the farmer didn’t drive her cattle into the field.

Next match is on Burwell Lode at Upware sign in with Trevor (and bring a rake!)

Mike Lynch

Points match No. 3 Fished Old West on 14th July 2019
Trevor Sturge66013
John Read51212
Norman Knightly5711
Jason O'Dell31410
Brian Rumbles31189
Ken Whitmore21388
Paul Sumption237
Mike Lynch1146
Tony Carr11385
Bill Scott1104
Simon Deal1583