Points Match 2, The Lark, Prickwillow, 30th June 2019

With 15 gathered for the draw banter was rife, especially when a new face, the local bailiff, wanted to book on but couldn’t remember whether his name was Paul or Trevor! Concentration eventually resolved the issue, his name went down as Paul and attention was diverted to Jamie trying to park!

Further gossip confirmed that in the preceding week several good tench and bream had been caught from opposite the willows but that roach/rudd were notably few and far between. With gin clear water and no flow hopes of a good net were therefore slim.

First for the weigh in was Mike from the last peg upstream, a nice net of mainly rudd with several around the 1 lb mark, his total of 7 lb 4 oz was just good enough for 2nd place overall. The next three weights took 3rd, 5th and 6th places meaning that this section had reversed last season’s impression that it may not be the place to draw! Trevor’s 3rd place net included a rudd of 1½ lb and a 10 oz roach so he was smiling and well pleased with himself.

In the next section downstream of the moorings Jason had found a couple of good tench, the biggest 5 lb 9 oz, which together with a decent bream some rudd and silvers gave him a total weight of 16 lb 2 oz. There was some debate as to whether this exceptional result was down to the swim or the angler and the jury is open to further comment and future results but John Reed and Rob Turner were either side of Jason and they couldn’t manage 3 lb between them. John blamed a bad knee from swim clearing the day before, Rob gave no excuse. Jason admitted that the biggest tench fell to a single maggot on No 5 elastic so was he just lucky to tempt it, lucky to land it or just lucky?

Some of us were much less fortunate, I had a good end peg swim but also a strong cross wind which made using the pole very difficult, a group of swimmers and bridge jumpers just to my right generating waves for the last 2 hours didn’t help either! After 3 hours with only four small fish in the net I lost two good fish estimated at around a pound each before pike moved in and took every single fish hooked after that! I knew Jamie and Brian in the next two swims were also struggling and indeed it wasn’t until after Jamie caught a 5 lb pike that he could find a few fish in the last hour to at least have something worth weighing in.

Overall it was an odd day with the usually better swims taking second place to those less favoured and with the best weight being comprised of tench and bream rather than the usual rudd.

Thanks again to those who helped clear swims.

Our next points match is on 14th July on The Old West. As usual please book with Trevor if you wish to fish, details as per the club book.

Ian Claydon

Points match No. 2 Fished The Lark, Prickwillow on 30th June 2019
Jason O'Dell16*2013
Mike Lynch74012
Trevor Sturge7**2011
Gwyn Andrews515810
Tony Carr51309
Paul Sumption4608
Norman Knightly4287
Rob Turner11206
Dick Smith1905
Jamie Bruce1784
Simon Deal1303
John Read1082
Bill ScottDNW1
Brian RumblesDNW1
Ian ClaydonDNW1
* included a tench of 5 lb 9 oz
** included a rudd of 11/2 lb and a 10 oz roach