Match 13, The Lark, Prickwillow 6th January 2019

With no one really wanting to fish upstream of the moorings Trevor managed to fit all 10 of us into the usual swims down to the bridge. This did mean we were close, in my case within a few metres of Gwyn, who initially was a little concerned that he wouldn’t have enough water to play his tench and big perch (little did he know how much water he wouldn’t need!).

With the pegging so close no one really had any advantage from the draw but this didn’t stop Kevin from trying a psychological win, telling everyone that I was sure to ‘muck’ it up as usual, that he was out of it because of a spot inside his knee, that Trevor wanted everyone close so he could ‘spy’ on them etc etc.

On the whistle Gwyn loaded his swim with choppy and groundbait and was obviously expecting the good day promised by Trevor. Indeed, after only a few minutes he excitedly reported that he definitely had perch in his swim, concluded from the fact that he had missed a couple of good bites on worm.

The mood though soon changed to hysteria as when the float next disappeared the tiniest perch imaginable somehow managed to hang on to his worm as he swung in the helpless little fry, knowing it would almost certainly get through the keep net mesh. After second and third 1 dram specimens Gwyn was muttering and laughing in a deranged way, worrying Jamie on his other side enough to make him ask if all was OK and whether medical help was required!

I confess to not helping by only swinging in 1 oz+ roach every cast for the next hour, amassing at least 1½ lb to totally demoralise Gwyn, how satisfying! Simon a few pegs down also kept updating us with the number of fish he’d caught, which considering they were each 10 – 20 times bigger than Gwyn’s finished his hopes of good points, but not the ravings. I did shout down to Kevin to keep him updated but no reply suggested he’d fallen asleep from inactivity.

Trevor was also very quiet for the whole match, a sure sign that he was catching, and indeed he finished second. He confessed that had he not kept trying to see what others were doing he would probably have had another 15 minutes fishing and may have made up the 1½ oz difference.

In conclusion, while only small fish were caught it was a fairly even match. Four of us pushed Gwyn down to fifth place but he still has enough of a lead to make catching him almost impossible. He just needs to recover sufficiently just to turn up for the last points match when he is then assured of a league win.

Our next match on 20th January is a sweepstake on the Horningsea boats section of The Cam, draw at 08:00 river end of Fen Road. As usual please let Trevor know if you wish to fish.

Ian Claydon

Points match No. 13 Fished The Lark, Prickwillow on 6th January 2019
Ian Claydon20013
Trevor Sturge114812
Jason O'Dell16011
Kevin Sanders16011
Gwyn Andrews1389
John Read1208
Ken Whitmore1107
Rob Turner1086
Jamie Bruce1585
Simon Deal1304