Match 12, The Cam, Clayhithe, 9th December 2018

Those who could make it were blessed with a bright, sunny day, albeit a bit breezy although this did not affect presentation too much because it was generally an upstream wind.

Eight people fished and to minimise swim differences Trevor only pegged the concrete moorings. This however meant that some were so close to each other that Kevin for example was putting his pole cup to the side and Trevor O'Dell was filling it with punch crumb! Kevin still doesn’t actually know what went into his cup as despite intense effort he only managed 4th place and 30% of the winning weight! Involving Mr O’Dell did at least restrict the time he had to tell jokes and so some sanity of his neighbours was preserved.

Ken of course drew the favourite peg next to the bridge and consequently won the match, fishing pinkie over groundbait to finish with 9 lb, more than 3 lb clear of second place Gwyn who seems to have lost his luck and pet name Mr Tinca. Gwyn though still has a clear lead in the league and it will take a near miracle to knock him down a place, we’ll see.

Ian Claydon

Points match No. 12 The Cam, Clayhithe on 9th December 2018
Ken Whitmore90013
Gwyn Andrews514012
Jason O'Dell58011
Kevin Sanders310010
Trevor Sturge3009
John Read2208
Trevor O'Dell11007
Bill Scott1806