Points Match 11, The Lark, Prickwillow 28th October 2018

This was very much a divided match, those lucky enough to draw one of the old familiar pegs below the boat moorings and those unfortunates in the ‘new’ swims above the moorings. It was therefore similar to last month’s match here but the difference between the two sections was much more extreme.

We’d had a few cold nights during the week and for some reason I cannot fathom ALL the fish had moved downstream past the moorings, all that is except for a few very small perch and a 1” roach, the total catch for this section! It took 2½ biteless hours before the first fish was caught here, a 1” roach foul hooked by Jason, it was another hour before the first perch fell with only another 3 bites between section anglers before the final whistle. Even though we struggled for bites in the new section it still looked good and hopes are there for better results in the summer months.

In the other section Trevor was netting a decent perch before our ears had stopped ringing from his start whistle, this was followed on his second cast by another perch to put 1½ lb in his net within the first minute. The excitement though got to him and squeezing his pole a bit hard he managed to crack it, which slowed him down while repairs and rig changes were made. He did though go on to win the match with 9½ lb, closely followed by Norman and Gwyn. Simon in 4th place had near on 200 fish for his 8 lb meaning the average size was well down on usual catches. Adam on favourite peg 1 struggled a bit with the wind but still managed 6 lb meaning at least everyone in this section had a good day.

Our next match on 11th November is a sweepstake on The Cam, exact place to be advised soon. As usual please let Trevor know if you wish to fish.

Ian Claydon

Points match No. 11 Fished The Lark, Prickwillow on 28th October 2018
Trevor Sturge99013
Norman Knightly94012
Gwyn Andrews814011
Simon Deal81010
Rob Turner7309
John Read6208
Adam Biggadike6007
Jason O'Dell0186
Mike Lynch0105
Ken Whitmore00124
Kevin SandersDNW1
Bill ScottDNW1
Ian ClaydonDNW1