Points Match 4, OLD WEST, Stretham, 22nd July 2018

With Ian on his holidays I have the dubious pleasure of reporting on our recent match. Conditions looked good with some good cloud cover unfortunately the river was backing up rather than flowing which I think impacted results.

The last two years have seen us all getting a good soaking, before the start of the match Jason told us that his father said it was raining in Milton. Was he just winding us up because he wasn’t able to fish?

Before the draw Trevor was bemoaning his luck this year in pulling a succession of poor pegs out of the bag. This time 15 were in the draw and I picked out the same section of the river as in the last two years with a similar result. In fact Trevor and I drew the same two pegs as last year and simply swapped places. It didn’t end well last year and didn’t this. The thick protruding reeds seemed to collect all the floating weed which each successive boat spread throughout our swims. If I could have a pound for each time Trevor said ‘ I’ve had a terrible year this year’ I’d be a rich man.

Things weren’t helped by, I think it was Gwyn, fishing next to Trevor pulling out a tench on his first put in and Mark two pegs downstream from me was netting a skimmer at the off.

Another tench showed up and the catches were reasonable overall and much better than the previous two years.

Kevin Saunders fishing opposite the cut topped the weights with 7lbs 13ozs narrowly edging out Mark Freeman 7lbs 8.5ozs who managed to find a few skimmers during the day. Gwyn coming third with 6lbs 1oz.

Mike Lynch

Points match No. 4 Fished The Old West on 8th July 2018
Kevin Saunders71313
Mark Freeman78812
Gwyn Andrews6111
Jason O'dell58810
C Edwards4489
Ken Whitmore418
Bill Scott397
Kevin Watkins216
John Read11485
Jason Daff11284
Trevor Sturge1483
Mike Lynch112
Glen Freeman781