Points Match 3, The Cam, above Baits Bite 8th July 2018

Despite the preceding dry sunny weeks the water was quite coloured, although with almost no flow other than when the lock gates were opened. Surprisingly most swims were also fairly clear of weed so only a few had to rake. Pleasure sessions over the past two weeks had suggested decent bags of skimmers and bream would be seen along the whole length but in practice that was not to be as it soon became apparent that the better fish were in just a few swims, including the favourites nearer to the A14 bridge.

After just an hour news travelled towards the lock that the bridge pegs had already bagged up to 12 lb and with most of us from peg 8 onwards struggling for a bite our work was cut out. In the end the early bridge pegs won but Liam and Ken nearer to the lock both had late runs to earn good places.

Trevor had done a good job the week before reminding rowers that we have a match and asking all boats to turn before going under the A14 bridge. Once the match had started not a single boat disturbed us and so thanks also to the rowers for their consideration. He had also secured permission for us to drive and park just behind the towpath, making it a much shorter walk for most of us. With all his organisation efforts Trevor deserved better luck at the draw. With only two pegs left he drew peg 9 instead of peg 2 (his mistake was asking me to draw for him) and was heard muttering something derogatory right up to the start.

Our next match on 22nd July will be on The Old West, let’s pray for some rain before then. As usual please book your place via Trevor, details as per the club book.

Ian Claydon

Points match No. 3 Fished The Cam above Baits Bite on 8th July 2018
Craig Nicholas180013
Kevin Watkins140012
Liam Fletcher107011
C Edwards910010
Jason O'Dell8289
Kevin Sanders7808
Ken Whitmore6507
Jodie Rose6306
Simon Deal5905
Brian Rumbles5504
Oliver Bird31403
Gwyn Andrews3902
John Read2801
Ian Claydon2601
Trevor Sturge2101
Trevor O'Dell11301
Adam Biggadike1301
Rob TurnerDNW1
Bill ScottDNW1
Steve PalmerDNW1
Wayne EasyDNW1
Jason DaffDNW1
Ron ScottDNW1
Dick SmithDNW1
Norman KnightlyDNW1