Points Match 1, Reach Lode, Upware 24th June 2018

Thanks again to Mike Lynch for clearing swims of bank side reeds, especially as he wasn’t able to fish due to wife requirements

Predictably the past dry sunny month or so had resulted in crystal clear water and excessive weed growth, even the boats had some difficulty getting through it. The extra ½ hour to allow raking was essential but I’m reminded of last year when it was suggested:

“A ‘raking’ session be held at least 1 – 2 weeks before the first match in order to give things time to settle and for the floating weed to clear. This because it proved a real nuisance as with no flow it hung around covering most of the surface for the whole match.” Maybe we’ll manage it next year!

Last year’s match on 18th June was won with 4 lb 7 oz and this year top spot went to Ken with only 4 lb. This year, even though the flow was better, we were still plagued with cut weed to hinder presentation. There also seemed to be even more pike activity, they were hungry and after stealing many fish before they could be swung in they resorted to attacking keep nets as we waited for the weigh in.

Despite being frustrated by the weed, erratic flow, pike and clear water it was an enjoyable day and all but one had fish to weigh in with literally just a few ozs between places. No specimens were caught but a few decent tench were seen cruising so we know they are still there.

I was asked to give a gentle reminder of the rules re last minute fish: if you hook a fish before the whistle blows but haven’t landed it then you should call to your neighbours ‘fish on’, you then have 15 minutes to land it. One should not announce ‘fish on’ following a last cast after the whistle! No one of course did this but there was some confusion and amusement when Trevor was just about to blow the whistle when he managed to hook a good skimmer. Part surprise/excitement and part confusion he wasn’t sure what to do and tried to shout ‘fish on’ through the whistle. This of course resulted in stuttered whistle song followed by a scream of ‘I’ve got one’ which caused such laughter that anyone else with a fish on would have shaken it loose. Kevin split his shorts (again) as he fell of his box but managed to tell Trevor that he can’t wait for a bite and then blow the whistle.

Our next match on 8th July will be on The Cam above Baits Bite lock, which as of writing is fishing well with plenty of decent bream and good skimmers along the whole length and indeed right up to the Pike and Eel. Some rain before too long would no doubt improve things further. Trevor is reminding the rowers via correct channels that we have a match and so hopefully all boats will turn before going under the A14 bridge. As usual please book your place via Trevor, details as per the club book.

Ian Claydon

Points match No. 2 Fished Reach Lode, Upware on 24th June 2018
Ken Whitmore40013
Gwyn Andrews312012
Trevor Sturge36011
Rob Turner32010
Jason O'Dell21009
Kevin Watkins2888
Kevin Sanders2107
Ian Claydon11506
Simon Deal1485
Jason Daff1384
Adam Biggadike01303
John Read0882
Norman KnightlyDNW1