Points Match 1, Mepal, 10th June 2018

A couple of new faces contributed to a respectable competitor turnout of 17, making it a struggle for Trevor to find enough pegs. Thankfully Rob Turner had cleared a few extra swims during his practice sessions over the past month (thank you Rob) but still Trevor’s dyscalculia upset things a little (to save anyone looking this up it is a condition similar to dyslexia, involving difficulty with numbers instead of words). Indeed when it came to Simon trying to find his No 10 peg he couldn’t, and Trevor had to confess to somehow forgetting to include it!

Despite past efforts to thwart Rob Turner ‘The Mepal Marvel’, for example by counting carp as a maximum of 2 lb each, he had still managed to dominate most of the Mepal matches over the last two/three seasons. This time there were no such restrictions and so it was clear everyone had to try for some big fish to put Rob in his place! Rob’s worm/choppy feeder tactics and unique dyed mealworm hook baits were no longer secrets and the fight was on.

Within the first hour though word carried from the far bank that Rob had found the bream and already had one good one in his net, no one else had had more than a few small rudd! Hours of preparation then paid off for Mepal novice Gwyn and he determinedly netted a couple of good bream and a 11 lb 5 oz carp, which with a few silvers bringing his total to 21 lb, gave him first place. Rob did manage another good bream and a few rudd to come second with 12 lb, which still makes him the one to beat on this venue.

Yet again Glen Freeman showed son Mark how to do it with his net also including a bream, indeed at 5 lb 4 oz it was 1 oz bigger than both Rob and Gwyn’s 5 lb 3 oz specimens. Trevor O’Dell also showed his boy Jason how to fish, netting a tench just 1 oz shy of 4 lb, the season’s best so far, and trebling Jason’s total.

The rest of us had to settle for just a few small rudd, although new boy Kevin Watkins had a few more than most to weigh 6 lb 10 oz and certainly more than Trevor who again had some difficulty keeping count as he was adamant he had more than the five he weighed in for just 3 oz!

Our next match on 24th June will be on Reach Lode at Upware, despite being unable to attend Mike Lynch has promised to cut plenty of swims (thank you Mike) but as usual please book your place via Trevor, details as per the club book.

Ian Claydon

Points match No. 1 Fished Block Fen, Mepal on 10th June 2018
Gwyn Andrews21*14813
Rob Turner12†012
Glen Freeman7**811
Kevin Watkins61010
Trevor O'Dell5††89
Mike Lynch338
Ken Whitmore327
Kevin Sanders2146
Ian Claydon265
Bill Scott1144
Jason O'Dell1113
Jason Daff122
John Read081
Simon Deal051
Trevor Sturge031
Mark FreemanDNW1
R SmithDNW1
* included a carp of 11 lb 5 oz and a bream of 5 lb 3 oz
† included a bream of 5 lb 3 oz
** included a bream of 5 lb 4 oz
†† included a tench of 3 lb 13 oz