Dear Anglers,

The extreme winter weather has unfortunately taken its toll on the tracks at Block fen B lake and at Heritage lake cottenham.

It will, unfortunately, be some time before conditions will allow us to make improvements and so anglers are advised that only 4x4 can access the tracks and then only with extreme care.

A great deal of work has been undertaken at Block Fen, Anderson's and Heritage. Swim clearing ,litter picking is on going .Anglers are asked please always take your litter home.

Halls pool at Milton has undertaken a considerable amount of work and we hope crucian carp and tench will be introduced this year. this is a very exciting project and so do take time to visit the site and see the work so far.

Recently some new members have joined our volunteer group and anglers are already seeing the difference on our waters. We could, though, always do with more help and so if you are interested please email the club address.

Fish loss/care. Please report any incidents of fish loss to the E A hotline in your club book and then email us with the incident number.

We have recently sought advice from the E A regarding a fish carcass found at Heritage lake. The investigation cannot confirm otter damage.

However, over the coming months we hope as a volunteer group to erect a fence around the lake. Fundraising is in hand and so if you want to help with this work please do come forward.

All club volunteers do so without pay and offer what time they can. To be clear the role of enforcement is that of the E A. Please report any incidents of fish trapping or removal via the E A hotline 0800 807060.

I must emphasis that our bailiffs offer what time they can. It is not their role to tidy up or pick litter they do so because they care and want to help the club. CFPAS is a club entirely made up of its membership. We all buy our club books every season.

Do please help us to make our club grow.