Match 14, Reach Lode, Upware 11th March 2018

This was certainly not our best match on this venue, with only the very early pegs finding anything bigger than a ½ ounce roach. A surprising flow and biting wind resulted in no bites at all for many of us, at least for the first half!

Jason of course continued his unstoppable quest for overall champion, drawing the favoured first peg from which he diligently extracted 4 lb of mainly roach, including most of the fish caught bigger than ½ oz. This was more than the total weight for everyone else together. Last year we had problem boy Steve Borrett, this year it’s been Jason, there will be a ‘suggestions’ box at the AGM for ideas as to how to scupper him.

Neighbour John Read could only sit and watch as he remained bite less all day. He then really had it rubbed in when Ken the other side of him, who had not had a bite for 4½ hours, managed to magic 1½ lb into his net in the last ½ hour, including a few better size fish. This was enough for third place.

Drawing at the far end I also had a very frustrating day sitting next to Kevin who seemed to have a shoal of tiny suicidal roach under the boat opposite and managed almost a fish a chuck to amass a grand total of 1 lb 14 oz, at least 5 fish per oz. They were so small they were not actually hooked but having got the pinkie in their mouths were then unable to let go. Kevin worked hard all day and was rewarded with second place, a good result but a lot of effort for such a low weight. I was using exactly the same rig, the same bait and presentation, Kevin even gave me his ready mixed extra special groundbait, but I couldn’t get a single bite.

Simon Deal had to prevent Jason scoring three points more than him in this last points match if he was to become ‘winter champion’, and this he just managed to do by landing 13 oz of roach for fourth place, well done to him. Such results have yet to be verified, Trevor will work it all out before the AGM.

Rob Turner and Trevor tied with 6 oz each, enough to keep their overall league positions.

Next season’s first match is scheduled for 29th April at Mepal but the venue is to be confirmed nearer the time as there appears to be an error in the club book. As usual please book your place via Trevor, details as per the club book.

Ian Claydon

Points match No. 14, Reach Lode, Upware 11th March 2018
Jason O'Dell4013
Kevin Saunders11412
Ken Whitmore1811
Simon Deal013810
Trevor Sturge069
Rob Turner068
Mike LynchDNW1
Ian ClaydonDNW1
John ReadDNW1