Sweepstake 6, The Cam, Chesterton Railway Bridge, 4th March 2018

We arrived to find near perfect conditions, with a slight flow, good colour and almost no wind. The temperature was up 6°C on the week and still rising so we were keen to get started. General tactics were to go for the bigger fish but in their absence trying punch etc for the roach.

Boat traffic in the earlier part of the match was heavier than expected and this forced fishing to be closer in than would otherwise have been the case. It did ease off after the first couple of hours but this coincided with a stiff breeze which made it feel much colder than the actual 9°C that we ended the match at and was probably responsible for the lower than anticipated catch rate.

Nevertheless, it was big chub that won the day, as per the last Cam sweepstake, and Trevor O’Dell’s skill and experience left him with a 3 lb+ margin over the rest of the field. He was though grumbling quite a bit at having lost a couple of decent chub while he was distracted by rowers getting tangled in brambles on the opposite bank.

Our next and last points match of the season is on 11th March on Reach Lode at Upware. It’s our last chance to reduce Jason’s clear lead but it’s looking likely that he is going to take the title unless nerves get the better of him. Will everyone who wants to fish please let Trevor Sturge know, the draw will be at 8:00.

Ian Claydon

Sweepstake No. 6 Fished The Cam, Chesterton Railway Bridge on 4th March 2018
Trevor O'Dell38
Gwyn AndrewsDNW
Jason O'DellDNW
Bill ScottDNW
Ian ClaydonDNW