Sweepstake 5, The Cam, Boats section Horningsea, 18th February 2018

Despite this being one of the better and more consistent sections there was reluctance from some to fish because of poor catches reported during the preceding week. For those of us however who did want a good day’s fishing we were not disappointed!

Kevin started the action when after a bite less ½ hour waggling alongside the boats he thought it time for a coffee and set his pole midstream with a lollipop while he poured. Not remembering or accounting for sod’s law, as he took his first sip a monster chub decided it was also time for his morning snack and after grabbing Kevin’s double pinkie made a dash for the far side. With a full cup in one hand and 14 metres of pole and elastic at full stretch Kevin could only feel despair as the coffee was spilled and the chub freed itself of the size 20, Kevin realizing this was not the best choice for chubbing!

John Read was next to see action, he too was taken by surprise as another monster chub took his bait upstream at an unstoppable Olympic pace. Fearing the inevitable break John thought his only hope was to try and follow the chub but with 14 metres of bending pole and a very rough bank it was no surprise to hear cries of pain as he fell over, managing somehow to keep hold of the pole which was still in one piece. Now with no control the chub made his escape and Kevin had to rescue John from rolling into the water and console him with reassurances that there would be another time.

Up to now I had had no luck on the waggler, the water was flowing too fast to keep reasonable control in the slower pace against the boats. Following plan B I had therefore emptied a few dropper fulls of casters and maggots midstream and set up a 4 g lollipop. My first sail away bite came after about 20 minutes and my No 10 elastic was a good match for the 5 lb chub that resulted. I did have some help from Kevin, who came to watch the fight, because a rowing boat had forced me to keep the fish close in and my line snagged some bank side brambles. After Kevin kindly released the line a few more minutes saw him net it for me.

I couldn’t hear what John and Kevin were saying to each other when I fed another dropper full but imagined it was somewhat derogatory. Spurred on I thought “I’ll bloody show ‘um” and ½ hour later, after a good clean fight, another 4 lb chub was in the net.

Someone upstream had meanwhile opened some flood gates and the water had coloured even more so that not even the second keepnet ring was now visible. I had to up the lollipop to a 6 g and lengthen the dropper. Result, another 4 lb chub.

With it now being very difficult to fish we decided to call it a day with my three chub for 13 lb being enough to win.

Our next match on 4th March is another sweepstake. Weather wise, with a much colder week predicted, those I’ve spoken with don’t fancy the scheduled Upware venue, preferring instead to try downstream of the railway bridge on The Cam. It is therefore proposed to have the match there especially in light of a few recent good reports from near that stretch.

Could everyone who wants to fish please let me know (Trevor is still unavailable for his usual organising), draw will be at 8:00 by the bridge. If anyone has a better suggestion based on catches before then please feel free to let me know, I will confirm the final venue choice by Thursday at the latest.

Ian Claydon

Sweepstake No. 5 Fished The Cam, Boats section, on 18th February 2018
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