Match 13, The Lark, 14th January 2018

There couldn’t have been a much bigger contrast to the last match here in October, the average catch then was 10 lb per man, this time, with one notable exception it was 6 oz! The one exception of course was Jason, who totaled 156 fish for a stunning 2 lb 14 oz (i.e. an average of 0.29 oz/fish).

However, apart from some genuine fishing skills Jason did employ a few more dubious tactics, for example his use of a ‘counter’ which issues a loud click/clock every time he presses the button had a definite negative psychological effect on those close to either side of him. Poor Trevor became progressively more agitated every time it went off and after an hour or so he couldn’t concentrate properly, evidenced by incessant chattering to himself about how he kept missing bites (which he only thought he saw). The main thing keeping Simon from going the same way was watching this effect on Trevor and determination not to be so demoralised. Rob of course already talks to himself so was less affected and managed a respectable third place from a more difficult swim.

It was also rumoured that one of Jason’s Dad’s cheese sandwiches from the last match had been left in his keep net, why else would such small fish be tempted to go through the holes into his net!

Kevin did enough to keep in with a chance of winning the season’s championship but ideally could have done with a few more points, its all on the last match at Upware in March!

At the opposite end of the match length Ken was on his own past the moorings, with near perfect conditions, apart from a little too much colour from recent heavy rain, there really wasn’t any excuse for catching precisely nothing other than that the fish were clearly not there. Just one tiny roach would have been worth 4 points and better odds for winning the championship so if you feel at all sorry for him then pass your sympathies to Ken. Gwyn next to him had the same problem apart from finding just a few tiny fish that had become lost from Jason’s shoal.

It has to be said that man of the match could have been Mike, at half time his elastic was seen to be very extended by what was thought to be a decent chub. Unfortunately the light tackle wasn’t up to the task and the chub after some heroic acrobatics and leaps escaped leaving Mike to contemplate what could have been.

Our next match, a sweepstake, is on 18th February, venue to be decided and announced separately once Trevor has recovered.

Ian Claydon

Points match No. 13 Fished The Lark on 14th January 2017
Jason O'Dell21413
Simon Deal114812
Rob Turner1811
Trevor Sturge1811
Kevin Saunders149
John Read98
Mike Lynch47
Gwyn Andrews26
Ian Claydon185
Ken WhitmoreDNW1